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P. 1Compare/Contrast: Dillard and Rodriguez
Compare/Contrast: Dillard and Rodriguez
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This is a compare and contrast between the two essays:Dillard’s “An American Childhood” and Rodriquez’s “Always Running” .
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Sanchez 1John SanchezLori BrownEnglish IV 5th Period17 September 2009Compare/Contrast: Dillard and RodriguezDillard’s “An American Childhood” and Rodriquez’s “Always Running” both on theoutside seem to be autobiographies about an experience when both writers were being chased.Both writers include cultural influences on the setting to make it more clear what life was reallylike for them in their autobiographies. They also both dramatize the chase to make the story moreexciting. Yet, the two writers differ in what cultural setting their autobiographies are in and whatstyle they use to dramatize the chase.While these two autobiographies are rooted in culture, they both differ in what exactcultures the autobiographies nestle in. Rodriguez writes about life in a prominently poor Mexicanneighborhood. He describes many of its various aspects such as the “people … on the metalchairs … and beer” (paragraph 1), the “stucco and wood-frame homes” (paragraph 2), and the“neighborhood consisting mostly of Mexicans” (Paragraph 2). This poverty enriched land is sucha clash when viewed against the presumably middle class white community that Dillarddescribes. Her description of the suburbs in Pittsburgh seem less poverty stricken such as withthem leaving from houses (paragraph 4) and the clothes that the man that chases them wears(paragraph 10). She attaches no greatness or inadequacy about the homes which makes them justregular homes. She also addresses the man’s clothes that’s chases them as city clothes consistingof a suit and tire, which would stick out in Rodriguez’s…...

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