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Greetings ladies and gentleman
I hope you’re all doing great..
Today my collegues and myself will be crtically analysing the case study of yakkatech Proprietary limited company
So I will initially be introducting the case study to you
Followingly avinash will be identifying the symptoms and problems in relation to the company
Then wassim
And last but not the least hasher

Yakkatech is

As mentioned before, Yakkatech operates four customer service centres and is a company in its growth stage. Also, its customer service has doubled in the five past years prior to the case study. Yet, this rapid expansion brought about many issues, such as a rise in customer complaints about poor quality service by the executives, in the sense that the time taken for them to respond to their problems was too slow. In order for customer complaints and queries to be registered, they are firstly given a ticket, directed to the department where they best apply and then assigned to an available employee. And if that client experiences issues again, a new ticket would be issued and the same process carried out again, which means that a particular client’s persisting problem would ultimately be handled by different employees each time. Altogether with the increase in customer complaints, employee resignations in contact centres have also risen above industry average.
Consequently, Yakkatech executives decided to resolve these issues by introducing pay rises in terms of salary revenue of employees and also profit-sharing incentives for employees bearing a service time-count equal to or more than two years. While these measures did lower the employee turnover rate, the productivity level oppositely shrank altogether and as a result, customer service complaints remained unchanged. Also the case highlights that the employees and the various departments within the firm were also often in...

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