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Yamaha Indonesia

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6TH Syndicate- Executive 47 Syndicate-

Group Report :

Yamaha Indonesia

(a) Positioning and Launching Automatic Motorcycles in Indonesia (b) Nouvo and Mio Market Position
Presented by :
• Mars Ega L P • Muhamad Daud Fahreza • Hely Herlina Ayudia • Dian Agustina • Arlandiyana

(29112039) (29112134) (29112130) (29112112) (29112113)

Company Profile
Yamaha Motor, Co. Ltd.
Established : in 1955
Motorcycles Power boats Marine Engines Products ATV Snowmobile Automobile engines Swimming pools Musical instruments 13%

Company guiding phylosophy KANDO

Consolidate Revenue 2005 other 27% Motorcycle 55% marine products 18%

Revenue by Region
9% 32% 22% 24%
Japan other North America Asia Europe

In 2006 : Has 60 Factories in 35 countries 40.000 employee worldwide



Motorcycle Industry

The world’s principal motorcycle manufacturers
◦ Honda Motor Co. Ltd ◦ Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd ◦ Suzuki Motor Corporation
Indonesia Motorcycle deliver by Manufacturer 2002

Suzuki 19% Yamaha 16% Kawasaki 2% Vespa 0%

Honda 63%

Motorcycle Industry

Classified of motorcycles
◦ Engine type
 2-stroke engines
Lighter, mechanically simpler and more powerful in peak operation

 4-stroke engines
Cleaner, more reliable and more powerful over a broader range of engine speeds

◦ Engine size measured in cubic centimeters (cc) began in 50++ to 100++



Motorcycle Industry

Classified of motorcycles (cont)
◦ Engine transmission
 Manual transmission
- Required the rider to shift through a range of forwardmoving gears (normally four to six) using a lever on the handlebar - Offered better fuel efficiency - Required less maintenance

 Automatic transmission
- Essentially shifted for the rider - Easier to learn and operate - More popular in developed countries

Indonesian Motorcycle Market

◦ The third largest motorcycle market in the world ◦ The...

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