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Developers of Yandex . Direct's taken care of the customer, which will create an ad with the help of their interface. He laid out so that a beginner and professional user could easily , quickly create a model of your ad. You can to make such an announcement in 10-15 minutes. The main thing is to choose a strategy that is going to work for your company , and the system is automatically adjust for contextual advertising. manager Yandex. Yandex has created the special network of managers who can help you create an ad and an advertising company. advertising agencies. In agreement with the Yandex, many advertising agencies working in Russia, helping customers to conduct advertising campaigns, but y should pay for the service to predict the budget of you campaign you can use the service budget forecast budget forecast With automatic settings you can calculate the required amount of resources that you will need to achieve a certain position choise of words – y can defibe words on request on which your ad will apper
Try to choose your words so that they better match the theme announcement.
 From direct proportion to the number of keywords depends on the number of impressions and clicks to your site.
 If you use extra common words, you run the risk of not paying effective transitions.
 Pick up as many words and phrases for which your product can look for.
Regional targeting
Yandex system works on the basis of geographical and time targeting, ittakes into account the location of the users that are displayed ads (Federal District, State and City) and the time (clock, during working hours or at any other by the user).
Statistics. This instrument takes effect immediately after the launch of advertising. With this tool, you can monitor not only the statistics as a whole, but also its individual parts for different filters (for example, the statistics for the day, week, year). Also, choosing the parameters and frequency, are easy to print the report on parameters such as the number of clicks, impressions, average clique
With Yandex. Metrics you can define the data such as depth of view, number of pages, conversion, the percentage of visits that resulted positive for the employer, with the achievement of results, taking into account the total number of visits, the price targets - the most obvious indicator, as it allows for the direct calculation how much you have to spend ue to attract a single customer, and whether it is profitable to you.
The virtual business card "that is, the transition to your ad client will not get to the site and in your virtual business card, which will include details of your address, phone, time, name.

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