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One of the first duties of a scrub nurse is to work with the rest of the team to make sure that everything needed for the surgical procedure is in the room and that a sterile environment has been established. The scrub nurse becomes a surgeon's go-to person when surgery begins.
General Surgery
The duties of a scrub nurse during surgery are to maintain a sterile environment for the surgeon as well as the patient on the operating table in order to decrease the chances of spreading infections.
The scrub nurse must be able to identify every instrument used in the operating room in order to pass surgeons the appropriate tools needed during procedures. The nurses understanding of each tool's function helps make the surgery go smoothly and finish in a timely manner.
Doctor's Comfort
The duties of a scrub nurse include making sure surgeons can perform their task. They have to be keen observers, noticing if doctors need their foreheads wiped or if their goggles are getting foggy.
Labor and Delivery
In the specialized field of labor and delivery, the duties of a scrub nurse include helping the surgeon perform cesarean sections.

OBSTETRICAL SURGICAL PROCEDURES CESAREAN SECTION  Cesarean section is the delivery of the fetus by means of an abdominal incision and incision into the uterus.  It is done when a vaginal delivery presents risks to the mother or fetus, and the obstetrician deems a cesarean the safer mode of delivery.
 Common indications include failure to progress, malposition, malpresentation, cephalopelvic disproportion, abruptio placentae, fetal distress, uterine dysfunction, placenta previa, prolapsed cord, previous pelvic surgery, cervical dystocia, active herpes, multiple gestation.
 On the skin, the Pfannenstiel incision, also called the “bikini cut” is made at the pubic hair line. A vertical...

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