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Year 2061

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The year 2061
Fifty years from now I will be writting in a corner of my diary the year 2061 and the world won’t be the same...And even though I‘m not considiring the fact that I will be almost seventy year old lady,I still can not picture the world which is unavoidably coming.
I know that there is a millions of people who would disagree with me,but I’m not really optimistic about the future.There is so much evil in the world.I litterally can see how the world is falling apart in our hands.It seems like those disasters that are ruining our planet aren’t about to stop.Plus the people are so mean to each other.You can barely see a someone giving a hand to an other.The world is just full of hate and anger.If you picture this rissing amount of these disasters,hate,corruption,discrimination and all those bad things that are going on now,how will it be in fifty years ?
On the other hand a lot of people believe that the world WILL be a better place.We still can put our hopes in to the scientists.Who can find some way to improve the current state of the world.They can find some new cures or ways how to dispose a waste without leaking it into the sea.
To sum things up I’m this kind of a person (maybe a crazy one ) who believes in the potential end of the world in 2012 not in the cause of that some huge asteroid will hit the Earth or that the magnetic poles will turn over.But I really support the teorie that the year 2012 will be „the start“ of the end and since now on the Earth will only get worse and...

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