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Davao 11th region southern mindanao
E.o 36 sept 19 2001 davao region
Davao del norte banana
Davao oriental highest
C valley
Del sur

Plains, hills
Mt apo, mt tanglas mt latian
Celebes sea

Mandaya means man means first means daya

Tboli weaving museum, dvo museum, aldevinco, durian park, philippine eagle center, crocodile park, pearl farm, eden nature park, san salvador church (dvo oriental)

Eden, mt galomi. 2650 feet. Used to be over logged areas

Banana rice tobacco cacao corn
Mangosteen durian rambutan

Durian candies exported since 2002, started sending them in taiwan

History and culture
Dvo since 1967 until it was separated inti regions
Dvo del norte, del sur, oriental and compostella valleyiii
Portuguese colonized 1847
Spanish colonization luzon visayas migrated
Davao means daba daba means fire (from traditional)
January, sinulog in digos. Aftr 2 wks, feast of nativity
Pangapog festival and kadayawan festival

(First inhabitants) Bagobo guianggas b'laans manobos , second wave of info indonesians

Temp 26 degrees to 29
Fifth supplier of banana, exported 5.6 billions of banana from dvo del norte (32 282 tons of mangoes in 2004)
Coffee exported, mangoes suha mangosteen lansones
Tilapia st peters fish shipped into luzon

Dvo is biggest producer of cultured flowers in the country

Region 9
Zamboanga peninsula, western midnanao. No 36
Zamboanga del norte, excile of rizal
Del sur
De subigay (beaches)

Zamboanga city
Isabela city
Dipolog pagadian

2565 meters, mt. Dapiak ( highest peak)

Great santa island (rare pink sand beach)

Divided into two major grps:
80% christians 20% muslims
Immigrants from visayas, most christians
Tausug- most active in politics, nature friendly, known for skills in warfare
Bajaos, sea gypsys, no permanent homes (same with samals) live in CAMPI MUSLIMS subanons in mountains in zamboanga, first inhabitants of the city, people of the the river (tulwanon village, in the dipolog river)
Yakans, quiet way of life. Art of weaving, yakan weave

Pasonanca park, sta cruz island, fort pilar, climaco freedom park, rt lim boulevard, taluksanay village (oldest mosque), holy rosary village, linabo peak, dakak beach resort, st james church in dapitan, relief man of mindanao in dapitan city, lourdes gotto, rizal shrine (where rizal conducted his lessons), dapitan bay

Golf course and beach park 1910

Fishing - source of livelihood (tuna lobster, bangus)
Making boats or vinta
Coconut, corn, rice, cocoa, jackfruit, lansones, marang, mangosteen
Colorful malongs,

Siay in zamboanga, produce largest calamansi in the country
Jun 16 divided zamboanga. No. 8973 by arroyo
Center of trade. Zamboanga city, capital. Little spain of PH.
Zamboanga mean zamboangan, means port or jamabangan, land of flowers
Lived for 4 yrs (rizal)
Languange, chabacano (cebuano plus spanish)

Fiesta pilar every october in honor of lady pilar
July 24, kinabayo festival
Hariraya puasa festival, muladin festival


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