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Dear all,
I just want to provide some basic guideline for the project here again, which I already talked about in the class.
To start the project, you need to collect information, such as career, age, income, expense, assets, liabilities, credit files, etc... so that you can start edit financial statements, compute financial ratios, and evaluate current financial status and future financial prospects based on current condition and expectation for the future, for example, many of you guys are expecting to graduate soon and have a full time job, then you may form a reasonable expectation about your income, benefit from the expecting job in the near future, and adapt your plan accordingly. Such as starting saving right now for some future goal, but because right now your income might be low, so you can only afford saving a little for it, then after you graduate and get a full time job, you save more for the same goal, i.e, you set up a savings/investment plan for a goal in a dynamic fashion, and divide into several stages in savings/investments, each stage has the same investment, but with different investment/saving levels in different stages.
As we said before, you need to identify the goals, and set priority and date to accomplish.
Discuss your focus in the plan, it does not need to be fully comprehensive that covers all aspects your personal finance, you can choose to focus on several aspects of your personal financial planning.
Discuss strategies to achieve those financial goals, such as saving how much in different periods for the goal, what kind of investment strategy you will take for the savings, how much investments allocated to stocks, how much to bonds, how much to liquid assets, how much to IRAs, etc...
Check the feasibility of the recommended strategies finally. Are they within your financial means to take those strategies?
Then attach in…...

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