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Typhoon Haiyan
The Philippines have encountered several typhoons this year due to its geographical location. The country has been expecting these occurrences and has been aiming to lessen the casualties for each. However, early in November, the country has been warned about the super typhoon that is approaching. Despite the early warning, the group is curious why there is still a large amount of casualties?

Project Description

This project is a 5 minute documentary film which tackles climate change and philosophy. It would portray how the richer countries perceive this global issue and their stand on it. Do these countries ignore climate change because they have not felt its wrath? Or is Super Typhoon Haiyan an “eye opener” for the said countries? This project aims to show human responsibility and human suffering as well. Are we, humans, liable for what happened?

Methodology and Timelines

First, the group will research about typhoon haiyan, climate change and the philosophical aspects, which would last for 5 days (November 16-20). Through this, we would be more knowledgeable about what we will present. After which, a plot would be created, brainstorming with the team to produce the best output. The group aims to finish this in 3 days (November 21-23). Following the plot, the documentary filmmaking would take place, which would be on November 24 until December 4. We are targeting on finishing this as early as possible so we would have ample time to revise the film before submitting it on December 12.…...