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You Are a Managerial Accountant Who Has Been Asked to Analyse the Latest Annual Report of a Publicly Listed Company. Evaluate the Performance of the Company Through a Criticam Anaysis of Its Financial Statements

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ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET(to be completed by the student) | AIB student ID number: | A001425890 | | | Student name: | Markswell Chiwamba | | | Course name: | MBA (HRM) | | | Subject name: | Strategic Finance Issues | | | Subject facilitator: | Ms. Thandi Dlamini | | | Teaching Centre: | Mananga Management Centre | | | No. of pages: | 10 | | | Word count: | 1560 | | | DECLARATION | I, the above named student, confirm that by submitting, or causing the attached assignment to be submitted, to AIB, I have not plagiarised any other person’s work in this assignment and except where appropriately acknowledged, this assignment is my own work, has been expressed in my own words, and has not previously been submitted for assessment. |

ASSESSMENT SHEET(to be completed by the examiner) | Student name: | | | | Course name: | | | | Subject name: | | | | Assessor/marker: | | | | COMMENTS | Principles learnt (for example, number and understanding of principles referred to, their influence on the structure of this paper, number and correct citations of references, use of appropriate jargon) | | /4 | | | Application of principles. That is, the analysis and evaluation of the example problem based on the principles, including the final recommendations and their justification | | | /8 | | | How well the example problem was described, including the extent and depth of information (including the data) about it that was accessed | | | /4 | | | Structure and presentation | | | /2 | | | Style, grammar and language | | | /2 | | | Total | | Less penalties | | GRAND TOTAL | /20 | General comments | | | | FOR MODERATOR’S USE ONLY | I agree with the assessor’s assessment I disagree with the assessor’s assessment and the new mark is as follows for the following reasons: | /20 | |…...

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