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You Are a Police Officer

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Juvenile Justice
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February 11, 2014
You Are A Police Officer I chose the topic You are a Police Officer. The task at hand was to read and interpret three different scenarios. Then write about how I would react to the situation if I was the officer on the scene. I have to determine if I would have probable cause, reasonable suspicion, and whether or not I would pursue the suspect or suspects involved in the scenario. I have thoroughly read and analyzed each scenario, and have come to a decision for each situation. In Scenario one a juvenile is spotted walking near a sports warehouse building that is being watched due to it being burglarized several times over the past six months. The juvenile is wearing a heavy luxury sports coat, and also has a pair of new sneakers on. As the officer on the scene I would determine that there was not sufficient probable cause to stop and pursue the individual. There is reasonable suspicion being presented in this situation, the juvenile is wearing expensive and new sports gear that could have very well come from the sports warehouse. Although I do not believe this is enough to stop the juvenile. The farthest I would go in pursuing the individual would be to tail him looking for any suspicious activity to further pursue him. In the event his actions provided sufficient probable cause I would calmly stop the juvenile and question him on what he was doing in the area. I would make a decision to arrest him or not based on his answers and my own personal observation. Scenario two presents a situation in which a group of female juveniles are gathered in a park known to local law enforcement as a place where drug transactions occur regularly. It is 10pm when a patrol car rolls by. Noticing the police vehicle one of the individuals starts to walk away from the park at a fast pace. As...

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