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You Are a Network Consultant Who Has Been Asked to Attend an Initial Meeting with the Executive Management Team of Electromycycle, Llc. Electromycycle Manufactures Motorcycles. Its New Electric Motorcycle Was Just

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The Genome4U is a scientific research it will be used by the end user to study their specific genetic heritage with assistance of their doctor and genetic counselors. The topology of this network design will use the routing protocol of Open Shortest Path First (OSPF). The data will be used by different personality they might be computers researchers’ mathematians physicists and researches and also different laboratories may use different routing protocols example like Enhance Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Routing Information Protocol (RIP) so as to connect the campus and provide full access to the entire network. In this network design I designed the network in hierarchical and redundant way which will allow users to access the network in a multiple way even if some interfaces are down or got problem.

User Communities User Community Name | Size of Community (Number of Users) | Location(s) of Community | Application(s) Used by Community | Doctors | 100 | Kajang | All | Researchers | 200 | Kuala lumpur | All | Volunteers | 5000 | Cybajaya | All | Mathematians | 1000 | Ayar Hitam | All | Physicist | 500 | Batu Phat | All | Engineers | 9000 | Selengo | All | End users | 7000 | Puchong | All | Scientists | 8000 | Jahor Baru | All |

Data Store and User Communities Data Store | Location | Application(s) | Used by User Community(or Communities) | Data Store | Data store server | | | | | Medical storage | | | | | DNA database | | | | | Email sever | | | | | DNS server | | | | | | | | | |

Q3) - Characterize the network traffic in terms of flow, load, behavior, and QoS requirements.
You will not be able to precisely characterize the traffic but provide some theories about it and document the types of tests you would conduct to prove your theories right or wrong.

1) Optimizing application where application performance, resiliency and availability will be kept to highest to satisfy users. 2) Downtime will be minimized and redundancy will be implemented. 3) Simplification of the application will be kept at minimum where users will be able to use the application easily. 4) Monitoring security of the application where hacking should not occur and unwanted people should not be able to have access of it 5) Optimizing data centers 6) Latency testing

I would conduct several tests to characterize the traffic which are follows: 1) Network Traffic Utilization: This Can be used to monitor the speed of application that are being used such as: VoIP, teleconferencing, file transferring. 2) Network Replay Testing: Is used by recording sample of traffic and the recorder sample is replayed on separate network for testing to determine if the measured load of traffic for network is appropriate or not. 3) Network Traffic Simulation: Will be used to measure the efficiency of the network Q4) -How often application will be optimized? -What amount of maximum uptime of application per year? -What amount of downtime application will be having per year? -What is network resiliency and Quality of Service (QoS)? -How will be security kept at highest to avoid downtime? -What are the limitations of the application? -How will load traffic be monitored for application? -What critical threats can harm the network application? -How will application be deployed and monitored?

Bibliography FreeNAS. (2011). so what is FreeNAS. Retrieved on oct 20, 2011 from Testing Network Performance with Real Traffic. Retrieved on Oct 20,2011 from…...

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