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In Week 1, we learned of the first of three murders that took place along the river walk in Canyon City. A little over a year later, the Arkansas Valley River Walk Killer would soon be tried for her crimes.

On June 7th, 2012, local joggers discovered the first body along the Arkansas Valley River Walk. On June 16th and 24th, 2012, two more murders would take place. All three victims were male, and they all died as a result of gunshot wounds from close range.

The police were swamped with calls from frightened residents. In total, over 400 calls were received regarding the case. The Arkansas Valley River Walk is a popular area for running and walking along the Arkansas River. The small community was gripped by fear, and the police were under a lot of pressure to solve the case.

Every lead was followed up on, resulting in many dead ends. However, two witnesses stepped forward with information that led police to the eventual capture of the defendant, Amy Smith. A later interview with the defendant's roommate also uncovered more information.

Witness #1: The first witness, an ex-boyfriend of the defendant, contacted police in July. His statement included the following.

Earlier in the year, he and Amy had gone on a few dates. He decided it was not working between them and broke it off.
Amy started to stalk him at that time, but he did not feel her actions rose to the point of police notification. However, he was concerned about her mental state and contacted her roommate, asking that she keep an eye on Amy.
Amy told him that she had a .45 caliber weapon. This information was not shared with the public, and it was the same caliber as the gun used in the killings.
Once the descriptions of the victims were released, he quickly realized that he fit the same profile as the deceased.
He and Amy met while running along the river walk.
2. Witness #2: At the end…...

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