You Have Been Asked to Investigate a New Procedure That Physicians Would Like Nurses to Adopt in the Hospital. Discuss the Process You Would Apply to Determine Whether the Procedure Falls Within the Rn Scope of Practice

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The nurses should take a systematic approach when it comes to investigating a new procedure. Before you decide to implement a procedure you must ask yourself “is this task or procedure in my scope of practice”? Nurses are responsible and accountable for the quality nursing care. If a procedure has fallen beyond the nurse’s scope of practice, we would meet the MD and find out the reason why they would want nurses to implement the procedure. I would look into my board of nursing practice act and the policy and procedure of my facility.
There is a 6 step decision- making model for determining the nursing scope of practice in the Texas Board of Nursing. “This decision-making flowchart was developed by the Texas Board of Nursing staff to assist nurses in making good professional judgments about nursing tasks or procedures”,(Texas Nursing Practice Act). I think this is a perfect model to use when investigating a procedure or a task. If you find “YES” to the answers for all 6 questions, you can continue the task or procedure but; any of those answers are “NO” you have to stop and go through the chain of command to make a good decision.
“Change is inherent in nursing practice. However the nurse must take lead in the development of any new roles or procedures” (Trim, 2009). So, I would take leadership to bring this issue in front of the risk management and higher authorities. I will make sure all the nurses get enough education and arrange practice sections and competency skill check-off before they implement.

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