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Julia Petros
October 23, 2013
Response to ‘Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She”
1. When we say transsexual, we are talking about people who truly feel like they are supposed to be the opposite sex. Almost as if these people were born into the wrong body. Emotionally and psychologically, they believe that they would be more comfortable and happier if they were the opposite sex. When we use the term intersex, we are talking about humans who have abnormally been born with both sex organs. Both of these words are commonly known in today’s society, although they are not necessarily accepted.
2. Hijras are people in South Asia who were born male, but take on female roles. These roles can include women’s clothing, chores, and a gender identity. By understanding that it’s not just America that has abnormal sexual identities, these rare cases are seen all over the world. If you argue that people who wish to change their sexual identity were raised improperly, the study of Hijras can lead you to the conclusion that it is, in fact, biology that controls our actions. Human sexuality is consistent throughout the entire world, whether it be transsexuals or hijras, there are always cases that defy the typical gender identities we label as “normal”. For another example, in Thailand, a transgender male is called a kathoey. A kathoey is a born male who takes on female roles much like the hijras in Asia. Many Thai citizens consider kathoey much like a third gender. Kathoeys and hijras are the same as what America calls homosexuals. Because homosexuality is found all over the world, you would think humans would consider it normal. Unfortunately, it is found to be looked down upon by society. Perhaps people cannot wrap their head around the fact that yes, there ARE people who are different than themselves.
3. Sexual diversity is often found threatening to people because...

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