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You Think the Drinking Water Is Clean

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- Do you really think that every bottled or tap water you drink is completely clean? Every soda, juice and energy drink all have to start off with water. Now you’re probably asking yourself why I should care about water pollution. There is an estimate of 14,000 people die every day from water pollution, and in a year that’s 5,110,000 people! There are two main types of causes for water pollution and they are animal manure and homes sewage. For instance, the main cause in industrial agriculture is manure and its effects toward the environment and towards human health, 2 how the sewages affect our homes and communities.
Industrial agriculture is one of the biggest causes of water pollution in the United States because of manure. Organizations that were supposed to protect the environment have help pollute the environment. For instance, Environmental Protection Agency was found polluting forty eight percent of streams and river and forty one percent of lake waters. Most of the water pollution comes from storage and animal manure. Plants, animals, and humans die from lack of care for the environment.
Industrial farmers store all the livestock manure into big tanks called lagoons. Lagoons hold over one million gallons of manure. Imagine what would happen if one of these tanks burst open? If farmers do not check the lagoons they don’t notice that the lagoons have cracks and leaks in them. So basically manure just is leaking out into vast areas. It gets really bad when a powerful storm such as a hurricane or tornado comes through and just tears it apart. If that happens manure that spreads all over the crops and into the water supply. Also the manure not only gives off a bad odor, but it also puts harmful bacteria in the air, on the land, and into the water supply. Mind you this raw manure is one hundred and sixty times more toxic than sewage. Also...

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