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Young Adult Challenge

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Challenges Young Adults Face Today

Being a young adult today has many difficult stages of life that can be quite challenging, even under the best circumstances. During puberty, young people are invaded by a series of new emotions and feelings. Daily pressures faced by teachers and peers. They are exposed to the heavy influence of television, film, music and the Internet. Hence, a United Nations report defines adolescence as "a period of transition that is often characterized by stress and anxiety."
Today, young people looking for a quick solution to their problems, for example in drug addiction, prostitution, euthanasia, bullying, suicide, among others. In this case drugs affect our body, losing their logical thinking , and making the forget all those problems that have been disturbing them. Sometimes they just have influences that affect a person for lack of will and likewise assessed, fall into the same temptation of drugs, both legal and illegal like. There are people who have everything but if they lack love and security they seek this out, or just out of curiosity mind and then create a rollercoaster of a problem. Drug addiction is a touchy subject, because many people go so far as to sell everything they have and leave everything for a single dose of what make them happy, drugs. The only treatment to come out of this is the support from hi/hers family and most of all depending on thee person who is at the moment with this addiction has the willpower to go to rehab, start again a healthy and better.
Although adolescence is a difficult time, there are many factors involved in their development. During adolescence, a person needs to know and form their own judgment, to determine who is in truly and genuinely there for them for the right reasons. There are many people who do not understand this and they tend to choose easy exits, including all the above...

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