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Young Adults Fighting Unemployment

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Young Adults Fighting Unemployment
Tiffany Roman
Kaplan University

Professor Kain
September 6, 2015


TO: Quentel Ruffin, Director, Childcare Network
FROM: Tiffany Roman, Employee
SUBJECT: Young Adults Fighting Unemployment
DATE: September 6, 2015

Young people in our generation are struggling every day to enter the workforce. A lot of them lack qualifications for the careers they desire, but have the passion to work hard for it. Many businesses refuse to hire young adults to work for them because they do not have the experience. The turnover rate for young adults are high so that makes it hard for businesses to trust them to work them. With the young adults growing in this generation, they get to learn about new technology and a lot of the elders get intimidated. I would like to acknowledge this crisis for many reasons of my own as well as others. When graduating from high or college, young adults look for jobs to jump start their careers. Without the workforce taking them in and trusting them, business owners take away the dreams of the young adults. To get the young adults out there in the workforce we will need to realize what group is jeopardy, what organizations that can help, and the action we should take.

The unemployment rate is outstandingly low in the United States standing at 5.3% and majority of that percentage is the young adults. According an article I have read, the unemployment rate has not been that low since the recession in 2008. It is mainly the African American young adults who are struggling at 20.7% in the unemployment ratio and Whites and Hispanics are at a 10.3% and 12.7%. This generation is suffering because the workforce is not open to giving them a chance to express their skills in the business world. SmallBiz4Youth is a campaign that wants to help to close…...

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