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My Reward System 1. Come to work everyday on time for month = puts you in raffle for a gift card 2. Helping other when you can=puts you in a raffle for gift card and free cup of coffee 3. Chance for promotion= coming to work on time and helping others in the company and being polite to your boss. 4. Good pay= asking the boss for overtime to earn extra money one a paycheck 5. Being told by my boss when I do a good job= I would ask my boss to come and check to see how good I am doing on the assignment he has me working on. 6. Show respect when coworkers are on the phone talking to clients= The best way would be wait till your coworker is done on the phone then you could ask your question 7. Come to work wearing company's uniform for seven days= And receive two tickets to Oliver Garden and two movie ticket. 8. Showing respect to your boss at work= can get your boss to notice that you the employee understand how hard it is to run the business= Doing can get you time off because the boss can be very understanding because he or she is human. 9. If everyone shows the client respect and goes out there way to help the clients that come into the company for two months = You have a chance two enter a raffle to win a all pay trip to New York city for four days and three nights 10. Every employee that comes to work with a positive attitude and greets everyone with a smile for four months= has a chance to win a trip to Baltimore four six days and five nights and additional five hundred for spending money.

Designing a reward system
When designing a reward system within an organization there are several factors. First look at the organization and focus on what matters most for that particular, organization. Then focus in on the employees and what needs they have in particular, after breaking down the focus, you can move forward into creating a reward system that not only fits but also everyone benefits from. Reward managements is concerned with the strategies, policies and processes required to ensure that the value of people and the contribution they make to achieving organizational, departmental and team goals is recognized and rewards. It is about the design, implementation and maintenance of reward system interrelated rewards processes, practices and procedures that aim to satisfy the needs of both the organization and its stakehold's and to operate fairly, equitably and consistently, Armstrong, 2012 look at the organization promote or goals it is working toward? Next make sure the needs of the organization are being met. Currently many organizations are implementing. Planning to implement, reward and or recognition programs believing that these will help bring about the desired cultural change, in some organizations, large amounts of money are being invested in these types of activities and some managers are required specifically to set aside a certain amount from their budget for that purpose . Detailing the methods of determining what aspects of the work should be monitored and rewarded is what I plan to focus on when designing my reward system. Designing a well integrated motivation and reward is arguably one of the most important functions of management in its quest to achieve excellence in organizations 2002. I want to focus on getting my workers to workers to work hard to the best of my ability and be as productive as possible, providing high quality and effective services. I have follow the basic functions of human service organization mission. The designing of a successful reward system should be the answer to that question. There are many theories of motivation and has been explored from many perspectives, according to Montana and Charnov 1993 drawing on the work previous studies, identified twenty five factors by its respondents in all the studies were reviewed. Human service organizations mission is to serve their clients. A reward/motivation system can encourage and motivate employees to get as productive as possible while providing high quality, effective services employees would like to have quality work, loyalty, commitment and service from their employees Why create a workplace reward system?Workplace reward system are incentive programs that encourage employee engagement and productivity by offering bonuses, increase pay,additional, time off or other awards for a job well done. Reward system recognize staff members who excel in areas such as customer service, loyalty and sales ability. Organizations implement workplace rewards system to retain employees, increase morale and improve overall service and productivity within the company. Increase productivity can improve the performance of each employee to do their very best at the job they are job they can on a everyday basic meaning excel at what their job entails in the company. The basic needs are met when employee come to work everyday on time working hard and showing as much improvement as possible.Another way the basic need can be met is by them just simply asking me if they are doing something right or wrong.If another staff member or employee helps out where I can not that will put them in a very good position in receiving a reward. There isn't a limit to how many times that you can win a certain reward. You can win it as long as you meet the basic requirement.Competive benefits are offered to anyone, in my time when there was a challenge at work everyone would work harder against each other to win. When its more competitive spirit at work thing seem to flow more fluid and efficient at work. I will offer more rewards when its competitive then when it's individuals because its fair.No employee will be treated any differently then anyone else at the company. We are all equal in the world as well as at work there are no special treatments. No matter if there family member has a high position they will not ever get anything more than anyone else because that’s not fair or right in any way shape or form

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