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Randy – Problem with the Younger Gen

The Problem with the Younger Generation Today

Good afternoon, my name is Randy Daniels and I am pleased to have the opportunity this afternoon to give my thoughts on a subject that anyone over the age of 30 has an opinion on - that is the younger generation and their associated faults.

My view of this so called problem is that there is really no problem at all; it is simply generational bias at work. Every generation thinks the next generation is lacking in some basic knowledge or skill that is vitally important to the continuation of the human race. Often, however, we find out that in time that skill, ability or knowledge will surface or were totally unnecessary in the first place.

First, please understand that by “young people” I am not referring to anyone under the age of 17. These teens live in a sub-culture that no one over that age understands. There is good reason why retail shopping malls have imposed a ban on these so called young shoppers unless they are accompanied by an adult. Many of the young people I see today can solve problems and the solution is almost always correct. They just go at it differently. While my generation, my parents generation and those before might work out several possibilities and try to devise the best solution, the young people of today use Google and instantly have the opinion of several experts. Ask yourself this question; if we had had computers in our day wouldn’t we be doing the same thing? In other words, why do long division when you can do new math?

Our frustration with young people seems to be from their lack of concern or knowledge about routine day to day things. My nieces have never seen a dial phone, an ice cube tray and they certainly do not know how to work a manual can opener. They do not even know what an ironing board is. However, they can solve most...

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