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Your First Day on Your First Job


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Your First Day on Your First Job

‘You got the job! You got the job!’ were the words that joyfully rang out from the fast stuttering mouth of my closest neighbor, Maggie. She brought the good news that her boss, Regina Dumas, had agreed to employ me as a secretary for the non-government organization ‘Agency For Rural Transformation’. I couldn’t contained myself and exclaimed ‘Yes, I did it! Finally I can work and earn my own money!’
All too soon the day came for me to head off for my first day of work. I woke at 4:30 a.m., too excited to sleep anymore but anxious to start the journey to my workplace. ‘Make sure to drink at least a cup of tea’ was the forceful sound of my mother’s voice. She was happy for me, and wanted to ensure that I had a good start before beginning the workday. By 7:00 a.m., I was fully dressed in my long sleeve blue pant suit, paired with a florescent blouse and accessorized with my black shoes and brown leather bag. I kissed my mom goodbye and waited outside the house on the verandah for the sound of the blaring horn from the hired bus to take us to the workplace, a full seventeen miles from home.
For the most part, the journey from St. Andrew’s to the parish of St. George’s was a smooth and uneventful ride. I travelled through the main winding mountainous road which took me through the rain forest, with its luscious pine trees. With the windows open, the fresh morning breeze smoothly bathed my face, giving it a refreshing feeling. The scent of the morning glory flowers filled the air with a sweet fragrance, almost like I was seated in a garden not a mini bus.

The sound of the inspirational music filled the space in the fully packed bus greeted the air, thus making for a prayerful and reflective morning journey. As I sat there, I felt fully energized and uplifted for the day’s work ahead.
The journey ended in the crowded bus terminal in the heart of downtown St. George’s. The bus station sits just above sea level but my workplace was high up in the hills above the city. I made my way up to the steep concrete hill, fit for those who do regular daily exercise. I stopped at the top to catch my breath and get my bearings. Thankfully, Maggie was with me and we headed another one hundred meters to the office.
As I entered the office, a whole new world opened up in front of me. I was feeling anxious, scared, frightened but still happy. I did not know what to expect, since I knew nothing about office work. I was greeted warmly by a short, plump, ball-headed women, dressed similarly like me in a red pants suit. This was Christine Jones, the Secretary General of the organization. Her personalized welcome, put me at ease, thus making me feel more relaxed and comfortable. She introduced me to two other staff members, and showed me around the office and finally to my own office space.
Later on in the day, I had a one-on-one meeting with Ms. Jones, who briefed me on the organization, gave me details of my job description, monthly salary - which of course met my expectations, what was expected of me as an employee of the organization, among others. She spoke in a soft, but in a firm and assertive manner. The staff members made me feel quite comfortable showing me some of the office equipment that I would have to use on a daily basis, the filing systems at the office and the lunch room in which they had prepared a lunch meal of vegetable rice, curried chicken and cherry juice.

The office area was an open space with partitions, each staff member had their own telephone on their desk. In my heart, I knew that I was going to put into practice all the skills and talents that I had in me to make this organization a success. Working in an organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of the rural marginalized persons in society meant a lot to me.
At the end of the day, Maggie and I said goodbye to the staff and headed back down the steep hill, holding each other hands, lest we slip and fall and came tumbling down. The bus ride home was one of exhaustion and all I could have done was to close my sleepy eyes throughout the whole journey, contemplating on all wonderful events of the day. Luckily, dinner was waiting for me at home on the wooden oval table with harmonious greetings from my mother. With a good warm bath and my night prayers, sleep came faster than a lightning bolt.
Such began my new journey in office work; moving from the inner rural society of life to the big city to earn a living and to find my purpose in life. My first day on my first job had been filled with sorting out in my mind new and unknown information, procedures and systems that were provided to me. It was confusing at first, but I was determined to do my best in the world of work and making my contribution to society and the nation as a whole.

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