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What are the benefits of Youth Clubs?

Youth groups have been part of the community for decades. However many teenagers do not bother to go to the youth clubs. People are totally unaware of many benefits a youth group could have on teenagers.
One of the most obvious benefits teenagers acquire from a youth club is good amount of exercise and due to the type of sports which are frequently played. Obesity has become a big issue in every society and especially England if the teenagers play sports regularly they can easily cut down the obesity rate and cholesterol as well. Also, exercise is one of the ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and become healthy. Some teenagers/children are not given the opportunity to participate in sports and regular exercise is undoubtedly one important benefit!!

Another important benefit is producing good teamwork skills. Everyone needs the ability of working in a team. Many youth groups run team building games. Again, this is an important skill to learn because in future many times teenagers will need to work in teams. In sport, education or in work related situations you might need to work in teams. This also can teach you leadership skills and through this way there is a chance to make more friends.

Recently, I saw in the news that many youth clubs offer training and activities based on specific skills for example; arts and crafts. Sometimes the activities given are very creative and are fun to do. Also, you can get to learn new things such as map reading, sports, music and many more activities like this which people will enjoy a lot.

Some Reports say 60% of the teenagers just hang around the streets or at home watching TV or on the computer. In my opinion going to the youth club is much better than lazing around at home or just walking around the streets doing nothing or most probably messing about.

Sadly, knife crime and anti-social behaviour’s percentage has risen heavily. This is due to teenagers hanging around at evening times and causing trouble. 40% of the anti-social behaviour and violent crimes are caused by teenagers around the 4pm-9pm time slot. Rather than doing nothing and causing chaos and trouble it is much better to go to a youth club and do something constructive. Youth clubs will also cut the rate of crime because like I said previously 40% of the crime on streets is caused by teenagers.

In addition to, some teenagers come from troubled families. Teenagers can also benefit from the atmosphere. Some specific youth clubs are specially designed to help teenagers who perhaps might be struggling to be part of the community. Sometimes, teenagers could feel isolated, lonely or depressed. Some youth clubs can help them get back on their feet and gain confidence. Not only this, they will get a chance to make lots of new friends as there will be teenagers like them so if they can make friends with similar personalities to themselves they could feel more comfortable.

Youth clubs are a way of socialising. Whilst in a youth club you can see your friends more often though you would meet them at school you can have much more fun with them. As in, some youth clubs there are game consoles such as PS3’S and many more which is a technique of socialising

I interviewed a youth club member; Tom. This is what he has to say: “I went to a youth club because I was beginning to feel very bored at home. Also I used to get into trouble for not doing things like classwork and homework so when I saw in the local newspaper about this youth club, I decided I would join. I joined and I got help to do my homework since then I have been leading a happy, healthy and more fun life. I would advise you guys to join a youth club too! Trust me, it’s no lie”!!
Youth clubs provide a relatively safe environment from which the teenagers can learn to observe and interact with peers. Their peers could be people with different personalities and interests! But that does not matter!!

Also, youth clubs give you the chance to share knowledge and experiences. You might know something that someone else does not. This is a great chance for teenagers to share knowledge and gain knowledge. As education is an also very important for a teenager to achieve a bright future.

So Overall there are many benefits to join a youth club. You can find details about youth clubs in your community centre and local newspapers or by your councillors.
The benefits are of a youth club overall:

Teamwork Skills
Cut crime rate
Leadership Skills
Achieve a bright future
Gain Confidence
Healthy Lifestyle
Gain Knowledge

Description of the youth club:
“Youth for life” is a youth club which provides facilities and services for the teenagers of the community. They can discuss anything freely and it is a way of socialising. “Youth for life” is specially designed for those who want more out of life. It is a way for teenagers to stay out of trouble; parents will not be worried as well. In Youth for Life you get to do many activities such as sports, arts and crafts and many more interesting things which teenagers might enjoy!! The Youth Club is on GGK Road near GGSK College in Chigwell so many school children can attend who live nearby. Please look below for membership details.

Membership Details:

You have to pay a membership fee to join the best youth club “Youth for Life”. We are not asking for much money but we need a fee because of the trips the youth will be going on and keeping you teenager in a youth club.

The Membership fee is £1.50 that you have to pay when you register and every time you come to youth club you have to pay 50p for using the PS3’S and game consoles and other things in the youth club.

Please kindly pay this fee if you would like your teenager to join “Youth for Life”.
For Contact Details, Please call 0798965432 – This is the number for “Youth for Life. For more information visit: WWW.GGKLIFE.COM

Thank You. Hopefully you will enrol your teenager and be trouble free!!

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