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Youth Ministry


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Noah Patrick
Pastor Shayne Michael Daughenbaugh
Introduction to Youth Ministry
May 1, 2014
Many might ask, why is youth ministry important in the church? The answer to this question is very easy, and it is because youth are the leaders, makers, and team members of the future. They are energetic, mature and smart enough to help with a lot of things like, setting up for church, spreading the word of God to the community. It is also necessary because it helps to have important relationships between youth and the youth workers; and youth to youth themselves, it makes great friendships.
Going back to the given scenario, of just moving to a new church and want get involved in their YM. When I first get there I have to first learn how things work there. Get to know the people that are already working with the youth if there is any and get to know the youth in the church. As I am observing how things work I need to be asking be keeping my self in check by regularly checking my motives and my heart. Making sure that on my side everything is good with my spiritual life and also I am in good terms with my family. After making sure that I am set and God has given me the go ahead sign. Then I will go and suggest some ideas to the youth leaders that are already trying to pursue the job. Now lets say this church is a Tanzanian church. I am more that 90% sure that there is no church out there that is doing youth ministry that has to do with relational ministry. I know this is the most healthy way to have a ministry, so I will go up to them and tell them “what if” we tried to make this ministry more about the youth. This way I can slowly start to make them understand that youth ministry is not about the programs or the big numbers. It is about getting to know the youth and being their shoulder to lean on.
One thing I have learned that is key to a

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