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Youth Suicide

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Suicide Amongst Youth
November 21, 2013

INTRODUCTION Barry parr, a window cleaner in a small town, was working as usual in December 2001, not expecting anything interesting to happen. Suddenly, he heard a yell from afar and saw a 14 year old girl who was preparing to hang herself from a nearby tree. He showed signs of his incipient heroism as he quickly grabbed his ladder and ran across the road to try and talk her into retreating. He tried, and that was when she got real about committing suicide. As Barry started to climb up his ladder, the girl jumped off. Luckily, Barry was close enough and strong enough and he caught her in his arms, holding her high enough to save her life. Unfortunately, however, Barry was now in an unlucky situation. Barry was out on a cold winter day when people hardly walked by, and he had in his arms, a 14 year old girl who was trying really hard to squirm out of his grasp and kill herself. Barry held on to her for an entire hour before someone passed by and called the cops. The come eventually came and helped, but not before Barry had proven to the girl, how far the world was willing to go, to save her life and keep this one lonely girl around.
Suicide is a tragic and preventable mental health problem. Suicide is irrational to those who are not suicidal, but to those who are, it is the only means of escape that there is. The reason most people consider suicide to be irrational is because suicide is a permanent solution to a problem which is most often temporal. Suicide is something that can be averted but it takes time, energy and determination, especially on the part of the person who is suicidal. The effects of suicide are inevitable and do not leave immediately the person is gone. The absence of the person is still felt long afterwards. The problem, however, is that most people who end up committing suicide feel that...

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