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Hope for Our Youth

Jentel Paolino
CHS 111.99
March 31, 2013

Early Childhood education (ECE) is a frequently used term when the discussing the welfare of today’s children. From the early age of four children are introduced to an educational environment in hopes of developing the necessary skills to bloom into well rounded individuals. What a child learns in their early years falls heavily on the shoulders of caregivers and teachers because these people play a major role in growing youths lives. However our educators can’t do it alone and with the assistance of federally funded resources such as Head Start, special education, and after school programs children are able receive the necessary help that they need.
Head start is a program that provides inclusive early child development services to children and families with low income, these services include free and reduced school breakfast and lunches as well as additional help in reading and math (Morrison, 2012). This program positively impact children in ECE programs because it provides children who are less fortunate or come from disadvantaged backgrounds with a high start and foundation for school success. “Most advocates of public preschool argue that early schooling of low- income children is an investment that pays off in the long term by reducing the number of children who will perform poorly in school, become teenage parents, commit criminal acts, or depend on welfare (Chen, 2008). Parents also benefit from having their children enrolled in head start programs because they don’t risk unemployment due to not having proper child care for their children. However there are some adversaries who disagree with programs such as head start because they feel that public preschool programs only target and are beneficial to low income families. Continuing with this idea critics argue that taxpayers should not…...

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