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Winter Project
“Job Satisfaction with reference to Compensation”
“A Study of Nationalized and Private Bank”

Submitted for the Partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of
Post Graduation Diploma in Management in Human Resource Department

Submitted To:
Prof. Amit Tiwari
HRM Faculty, IPER

Submitted By:
Pooja Tekwani
Trim 2, 2012-2014

My liabilities are too copious to enumerate, but the most worthy after ought to undoubtedly be declared. I profoundly spread my gratitude to Dr Suchi , my research escort for her insightful and helping ways across this particular research and all those learned suggestions.
I additionally thank all the teachers of Amity, who have gave a lot to my research work.
Lastly, I express my thankfulness and spread my appreciation for all those subjects who participated in my whole research to discover and I express my heartfelt cheers to the congregation of passion for upholding me in all ways.

Sonia Harchandani Date: - MBA. 2014-2015 Semester 2


This project report is related to the “Job Satisfaction w.r.f to Compensation”, “A Study of Nationalized and Private Bank”.

It contains the information regarding the satisfaction level of employees of particular banks.

The project contains the detailed note on the topic “Job Satisfaction w.r.f to Compensation”.

This project also refers to the information about the factors influencing job satisfaction and determinants of job satisfaction.

The research even also comprises of detailed interpretation and...

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