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Q1. Jameel Manufacturing Company must select a process for its new product, TX142, from among three different alternatives. The following cost data have been gathered:

|Cost |Process A |Process B |Process C |
|Fixed cost |Rs. 10000 |Rs. 20000 |Rs. 50000 |
|Variable cost |Rs. 5/unit |Rs. 4/unit |Rs. 2/unit |

For what volume of demand would each process be desirable?

Q2. You are on the founding team of a new web-based company that makes massively multiplayer on-line games. There are currently 5 engineers in your company, but you anticipate growing to 50 people within a year.

What type of culture do you want to create in your business? What will you do to make this culture come to life? How do you make sure that culture is sustainable as the company grows?

Q3. Nitesh Ranganathan (24) was an engineer with a specialization in Telecommunications from an engineering college in Bangalore. He was absorbed via the campus placement process at one of the Indian top Information technology giants in Bangalore. He joined them as an IT professional in networks. All along he had dreamt of pursuing a Business management programme from a good Business school in India. The media coverage on handsome salaries enticed him too.

Nitesh’s family consisted of his mother Ashwini who taught pottery, painting and other art forms to children in the neighborhood. Mr. Ranganathan, his father was a retired senior Government official. His older sister Nandini was an architect and currently pursuing a town planning course in the US. His family lived in Chennai. Nitesh was a bachelor.

While working in Bangalore, he lived in a shared accommodation with Ranjan Patel (27) who hailed from Gujarat and an alumnus of IIT & one of the top Business schools in India. His other room mate was Srinivas Raju (28) an alumnus of BITS Pilani. Srinivas belonged to Andhra Pradesh. Nitesh, Ranjan and Srinivas worked with different IT organizations in developing technology for the telecommunications vertical. Their morning routine would begin with discussing various areas of dissatisfaction that customers face and end up with talking on technology. Three of them together over the last two years had bonded well. They designed a new product to ease congestion in mobile networks. Working tirelessly every evening, over dinner and into late the wee hours in the morning a prototype was made at their residence. Initially Nitesh had showcased the product to his senior colleague who endorsed the product and felt that there could be a huge demand for the same as their product was technologically futuristic. Srinivas and Ranjan too had demonstrated the prototype and discussed this with a couple of clients who thought that this new product had potential. Srinivas and Ranjan had resigned from their current job and had decided to pursue their product in a new start up venture.

Meanwhile Nitesh received admission to one of the top Business schools after having been through coaching to aid his preparation. Nitesh had come to spend the weekend with his parents in Chennai and was contemplating the two alternatives that were facing him, to join the Buniness school or the start up venture.

How would you illustrate Opportunity recognition, Team composition, and Creating value through a product that solves a customer problem/need and help Nitesh in deciding his future?

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