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Zara Strategic Marketing Plan

MBA-USQ 11: MKT5000

University of Applied Sciences Zurich (HWZ) Switzerland

Supervised by: Prof. Richard Beswick

Anja Anastasja Keller - U1028905 Word count: 1’905 26.10.2012

MKT5000 Zara Strategic Marketing Plan Anja Anastasja Keller U1028905

Summary of Zara current market situation

Zara is a publicly listed company and belongs to the Inditex Group, founded by Amancio Ortega in 1975 in Spain. Zara always continues to bring excitement to fashion and fulfils customer demands. Currently Zara has 1,600 stores in 77 countries and continues to force its logistics system to complete stock rotation every 15 days. Zara needs 14 days to develop a new product and deliver it to stores and launches around 10’000 new designs each year.

Zara is moving forward with its successful entry into the digital world and continues to expand and manage its online presence: over a million daily web site visits and more than 14 million Facebook fans. The online expanding strategy in international key markets as the U.S. and China is one of the hot topics.

Zara’s online shops feature all major functions, although does not correspond with Zara’s local presentation (prestige image), even more a bit disappointing, especially compared with H&M’s creative way to convey fashion online with the dress room function, moreover, by saving outfits or share on Facebook, Twitter, send a link or e-mail. Online expenditure in sales not only increases the economical profit, it boosts the online ranking worldwide and creates an added value of the brand.

The aim of this report is to build a strategic marketing plan for the online shop.


MKT5000 Zara…...

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