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Zara Marketing Plan

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1.1-Executive Summary
Dress the World’ is ZARA. Fashion is more than clothing; it’s a part of our live. We live in Fashion. ZARA is a member of the INDITEX group, a Spanish group. ZARA have established its stores all over the world, Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and among its 5000+ stores (from the INDITEX group), Hong Kong shares 8 ZARA stores from the whole wide world. Zara offers the latest trends in international fashion in an environment of thought-out design. Its stores located in the main commercial areas of cities across the Europe, America and Asia, offer fashion inspired in the tastes, wishes and lifestyles of today's men and women. Zara’s clothing has identified a significant underserved segment within it. Zara’s clothing is uniquely positioned to serve this segment of the market because of its fast paced fashion ideas, its latest technology, its efficient business strategies and its affordable prices.
Due to the growing of the clothing industry and the enormous unmet need in the clothing market we see the long-term expansion and potential of Zara throughout the world. We are visionaries who see Zara as an extreme financial launch. By achieving its sales targets, Zara will position itself for exceptional profitability and self-funded growth.
ZARA’s Plan is to maintain and develop its position in the market by giving well in time response to changing trends in consumer tastes through creating new designs that are suitable for all customers at an affordable price.
“Zara constantly updates its range”. The company takes its inspiration from the catwalks, targeting the fickle, fashionable young, one of the riskiest parts of the clothing market. Unusually for a clothes retailer, Zara designs all its own clothes, makes most of them in Spain and distributes all of them itself. And many observers attribute Zara's success to this...

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