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Zero Energy Buildings

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As the energy consumption, industrial production and automobile usage around the world increases gradually, the efforts to meet the steadily increasing energy demand would leave the environment devastated. Traditional buildings consume as much as 40% of the primary energy consumed worldwide and are major contributors for greenhouse gases. Hence, with the intention of reducing the energy usage which reduces the environmental pollution energy efficient measures have been introduced. The goal of these measures is to decrease the energy use of the building substantially and provide the building's energy needs with on-site renewable energy supply like Photovoltaics. This results in a concept called Net zero energy buildings or Zero Energy Buildings. Zero energy building (ZEB) is a building with zero energy consumption i.e., it consumes only the amount of energy generated by the renewable power on the building site. NZEBs produce zero carbon emissions annually as various renewable energy technologies are deployed on the building site. This paper addresses the energy efficient measures that can be implemented to cut down the power consumption. The energy efficient features implemented in ZEBs for energy savings is justified with a case study. I. INTRODUCTION
The environmental effects that Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions across countries at different levels of development received global attention on what has been done to mitigate these emissions. The continued growth of global emissions of carbon dioxide due to energy consumption and their adverse effects on global warming forces the world to save the environment from further damage. As per EPA in 2011, the combustion of fuels to electrify the homes, buildings and industry in U.S. accounted to 38%...

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