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Samson H. Chowdhury was born in 25 September 1925 into Pabna Bangladesh. He was an entrepreneur in Bangladesh. He was a Chairman of Astras Ltd. and Square (Bangladesh). Education

Samson H. Chowdhury was born on 25 September 1925. He studied at Senior Cambridge. He completed a management training course jointly sponsored and conducted by University of Dhaka and Harvard University.


After completing his education he returned to what was then East Pakistan and settled in Ataikula village in the Pabna district, where his father was working as a medical officer in an outdoor dispensary. In 1952 he started a small pharmacy in Ataikula village which is about 160 km off capital Dhaka in the north-west part of Bangladesh.
He served as a vice president of the Baptist World Alliance from 1985 to 1990. In addition to being a BWA vice president, Chowdhury served in other areas of the global Baptist organization, including on the BWA General Council, the Executive Committee, the Baptist World Aid Committee, the Promotion and Development Committee, and the Memorial Committee. Chowdhury was elected president of the Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship (BBCF) a dozen times, and was honorary general secretary for 14 years, between 1956 and 1969. He was a president of both the National Church Council of Bangladesh and the National Evangelical Alliance.

Chowdhury was recognized as a Global Business Leader in his country. He had been awarded with various national and international recognitions from various business associations. He was considered as a Commercially Important Person (CIP) in Bangladesh. Chowdhury ventured into a partnership pharmaceutical company with three of his friends in 1958. When asked why the name SQUARE was chosen he recalled: “We named it SQUARE because it was started by four friends and also because it signifies...

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