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Zeus Asset Management Solution

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Zeus Asset Management Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The investment philosophy of the management of Zeus is based on the fact that the results of the investment or the return over the investment could be only achieved over the years by following a risk averse and conservative approach to the management of the risk. This ensures that the portfolio manager of the company works hard to deliver the best performance that is relatively the same as compared to the benchmark’s performance. The equity fund seeks for growth which is for the long term, when the earnings from the stocks are expected to grow above average rates.
The primary investors of Zeus consist of both the individuals and the institutional investors. The institutional investors come from corporations, endowments and foundations. On the other hand, the individual investors consist of high net worth and the risk averse investors that want to invest their assets for long periods and achieve growth.
The minimum requirement for the individually managed accounts is $ 2 million. Zeus used to customize the portfolios for these clients according to the investment objectives of these clients and afterwards it balanced the volatility and the time horizon of these investments. For other types of people or groups that did not have the minimum capital requirement, then these individuals could invest in the specialty funds. Zeus had established multiple mutual funds because of the domestic equity, bond and the international equity market. Apart from this, Zeus also provided fixed income securities and high quality equities both combined in balanced fund.
Whenever any new director was hired by the management of the company, he started to...

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