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Zigbee Network Technology

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ZigBee network technology is used for low data rate Wireless Personal Area Networks that requires long battery life and is affordable. The ZigBee protocol refers to the entire network protocol stack. ZigBee applications run on top of ZigBee network, MAC and physical layers. A ZigBee network is capable of supporting up to 65,535 nodes. ZigBee network is used in many areas such as environmental monitoring systems, personal health care and consumer electronics. In ZigBee network the nodes can be mobile and fixed.
1.2 ZigBee Topologies
The three ZigBee network device types are end device, router and coordinator. ZigBee support three kinds of topologies. These are star, tree and mesh. In all topologies the ZigBee network must contain one coordinator. The coordinator is responsible for allowing other devices to join the network, selecting transmission channels and for starting the ZigBee network. The coordinator can also route traffic and it’s the root node in tree and star topologies. ZigBee network supports single and multiple Personal Area Network (PAN). The routers only exist on tree and mesh topologies. The end devices in all ZigBee topologies can only communicate with their parent nodes; the router or coordinator. The three ZigBee topologies are described below.

• Star – This is the most basic ZigBee topology. This topology usually consists of end devices and a coordinator. Routers can be part of the star topology, but they will simply function as end device and will not perform any routing functions. The central node is the coordinator and it handles all network traffic as well as providing ZigBee coordinator services. In the star topology all end devices send all their data through the central node. Star topology is not very good for ZigBee networks with large number of nodes because the central node need to handle all the traffic so network bottleneck and...

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