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LEARNING LOG RECORD SHEET: 1st November 2011, Neil Thomas.

SOURCE/FULL REFERENCEZineldin, Mosad (2004) Co-opetition: the organisation of the future, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Vol22, No7, pp.780-789 |
DESCRIPTIONCo-opetition. The hybrid behaviour of competition and cooperation or Sleeping with the enemy? |
ANALYSIS (CONCEPTS, EXAMPLES, STATUS OF SOURCE, CRITIQUE etc)Dr Mosad Zineldin is a Professor of Strategic Marketing and a Master in Psychology. He has wrote and published several books and articles in many different international journals, notably his book on TRM, the first in the world to outline the framework of relationship management.However, his article “Co-opetition: the organisation of the future” (marketing, intelligence & planning, Vol 22 No7, 2004 pp.780-789) suggests that this is a new concept of cooperation between companies or has Zineldin linked this to support his work on TRM? Co-opetition is qualified for the first time by Nalebuff and Brandenburger (1996) which surprisingly Zineldin fails to recognize in the article! But even these esteemed authors cannot take credit for the concept of Co-opetition; this accolade is accredited to Mr Ray Noorda, who in 1983 brought together hardware and software companies to work together in a networked environment, a “culture fit” which supports Bengtsson and Kock (2000). “co-opetition thus implies that organisations can interact in rivalry due to conflicting interests, and at the same time co-operate due to common interests” This concept questions Hensler (2000) in which he “describes as a myth the notion that competition is an inevitable, productive, enjoyable and character- building part of human nature”, human nature has always been survival. It could be argued that Margulis (1998) serial endosymbiosis theory (SET) that one organism lives inside the other and both function as a…...