Zinn Chapter 5

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Gerad Chin

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Peg Lmaphier

February 6, 2012

Zinn: Chapter 5
In this Zinn reading, the topic covered the American Revolution and some of the injustices within it. At the time, America was attempting to emancipate from Britain but within the country they were not unified. More so we venture into the social and cultural aspect of the American military and their system. Happening at the same time you had much of America’s rich come up with new laws through the Continental Congress. Due to all this injustice you had rebellions and acts against the government because of the constitution at the time served for the economically dominant class.

On thins that caught my attention was how unstable and spread out the American army was at the time. Within a time of going to war against your father country one would expect some kind of unity and togetherness in a fight for a single purpose. If one, were to put it in IGE terms, there would be some kind of expectation of bridging and connection within society; as they had one common goal in fighting of Britain. At the time minority groups like the Native Americans and Negros were not allowed to bear arms and join the military. The fact that the military did allow the poor to work there rank up in the military was something of surprise. Being that America at the time had a high perception people’s wealth. Although in this course of America, blacks were not free, there had to some kind of way they could have and should have implemented into the cause of the American Revolution. Now looking at how the society as a whole was run, Zinn realized that much of the Constitution and Bill of Rights favored that of the American economic interest. When actually examining the Constitution, Zinn realized that many clauses within it helped keep an imbalance in the privelages in America by creating false language within our…...