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On the 27th day of June 2012, at about 1:10 pm, two gentlemen walked into the bank under the pretence of depositing money. They both sat at the reception area where one of them gave monies to the other who in turn walked to the teller point. They exchanged some few words then he walked towards the UT Life Rep. He asked to open an account for his father but upon giving the requirement he decided to go and bring the father himself.

He walked out of the banking hall leaving the other gentleman seated at the reception. At that point the man seated at the banking hall was interrogated by the security lady if he needed assistance but he confirmed that he came in with someone who is buying tiles across the street. After a few minutes he walked out of the bank and came in again with the one who said he wanted to open account for his father. He sat again at the reception area whiles the other man walked to the UT Life Rep., he came back walked out of the bank and never returned.

The other gentleman sat there for about 30minutes and was questioned again by the security lady but then he insisted he was waiting for his partner. I came back from lunch and realized the man has spent close to an hour then we asked him again who exactly he was waiting for, he then told us that the gentle he came in with said he was a staff and of UT. He went on to say that the supposed staff of UT met him around Barclays Bank and said he can change his money thus five thousand eight hundred and twenty Ghana cedis (GHS 5820) into dollars. He walked him straight to the bank collected the money from him then walked to the counter.
According to him, the man supposedly gave the money to the tellers then told him that he was grabbing something from outside in a few minutes but the tellers will call him very soon for his dollars.
Meanwhile when the supposed staff went to the counter he just went to tell them that he wanted to open an account for his father. He was given the requirement then he said he was a staff of mentos. He gave out some and promised to bring T- shirts later even though the tellers declined.

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