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Zoёs Kitchen began its business in 1995 as family-run restaurant in Alabama. Since John Cassimus took over control, the company has started changing to strong and well known brand. John as an owner and CEO moved Zoes to industry of fast- casual dinning, where company had started serving local customers with desire of healthy, fresh, high quality food that would be served quickly and in relatively low price. In 2005 Zoes provided service in 16 locations, in 5 different states of USA. Brand was strongly connected with freshness, home-style quality products, and family recipes with Greek influence.
Restaurant industry was in its mature stage, however only growth should arise from its fast-casual segment. So Zoes as a part of this segment had a good potential for a growth.

John Cassimus initial strategy was to create world-class company that could be sold anytime. According to this Zoes needed a strategic growth. The growth in this industry means increasing the number of locations or units. There are several types of strategies and Zoes’s implemented focused- differentiation one. Developing and maintaining the competitive advantage by focusing on specific needs and desires of well-specified market segment, which was mostly represented by mothers with their kids and “white collar” employees. According to survey, Zoes’s loyal customers put high value on quality and service not on price, hence low-cost strategy wouldn’t be appropriate in this case. Not focused differentiation wouldn’t allow the time and necessary attention to such well-defined market niche.
Business Strategy of focused-differentiation set by John Cassiomus was really effective and well matched to its market segment within the industry. This strategy significantly depends on segment of buyers, who desire products with special features (fresh & healthy food, speed of service,

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