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Zombie Apocolypse

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The impending rise of the walking dead creeps closer and closer as the days pass. The exact time is uncertain, but its occurrence is inevitable. Many have begun preparing for the dawn of the dead, stocking up on valuable resources such as shelter, food and water, and weapons, all of which are key factors to surviving the zombie apocalypse. Initially, shelter must be established. A well concealed building, such as a prison, is an ideal shelter from zombies. It is large enough to accommodate a large body of survivors who are hopefully willing to join the fight against the army of the living dead. Gates, fences, and large open areas surrounding the facility make it easier to locate and fend off any zombies that try to breach the perimeter. The solid structure of the building itself will help further deter intruders. A high outlook post within the shelter will also need to be quartered; from which, a designated “spotter” can survey the surroundings for any posing danger. Additionally and unquestionably, food and water are necessities whether zombies are seeking your flesh or not. In order to maintain proper health and nutrition while fighting the undead, food, water, and any other desired supplies will need to be collected and stored. In the midst of the out breaking chaos sprung from the apocalypse, the necessary supplies can be looted from stores or other sources. A large stock of each item is recommended so that it may last an extended period of time. Acquiring such supplies is a dangerous yet essential task. A thorough plan of execution may come in handy to organize the quantity of each desired supply. Though it may seem unethical and promptly illegal to loot and raid for your needs, survival requires determination. The pure drive to live through the zombie apocalypse must flow fluently through the veins. Persistence and dedication are critical for surviving such a detrimental cataclysm. Most importantly, a large cache of weapons and ammunition is needed for protection. Whether against a close encounter with the zombies or for long distance defense, weapons will serve the largest aid in attempt of survival. Combat is inevitable when facing an undead attacker that is pursuing flesh; of which you have in abundance. Every movie and story of a zombie apocalypse portrays the zombie’s downfall to be decapitation or a bullet to the head. With a vast array of weapons, the goal of eliminating the zombie becomes achievable. A diverse arsenal will broaden the range of defense against the zombies. For example, machine guns may be used to eliminate a large group of zombies while a sniper rifle can execute a target from a great distance with precision and accuracy.
All in all, a zombie apocalypse is imminent. Though it may not be marked on the calendar, proper preparation is in order. In hopes of surviving the rise of the living dead, a resilient shelter must be established, along with stocking up on food, water, weapons, and other necessary supplies. As time goes on, the threat of zombies rising moves nearer and nearer, and in a zombie infested world, only the strong survive.

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