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The Outbreak
By: Bekah Y.

It all starts on a normal day. Beautiful skies, calm and uplifting weather. I began with an average day of my cycle of getting up and drinking a cup of coffee before I have to put in my hours as a nurse. I come upon the television seeing something odd with today’s news. The reporter mentioned something about a certain virus beginning to spread on the cattle and farmers. None knew what it was and said they are doing testing and research later on. I told to myself while sighing in grief, “Great another busy night for me”. Within that moment I hear my boyfriend Kyle slowly walking into the kitchen. I quickly turn to him and faintly yell out
Bekah: Did you hear what’s going on?
Kyle only responded with a grunt
I continued and said
Bekah: The news stated that there is some virus breaking outside of the town.
Kyle responds
Kyle: which means?
Bekah: Which means that I’m going to probably be working late tonight.
Kyle: Ok ill scavenge for some food tonight since it’s my day off
Bekah: I’m sure you will be fine honey (small giggle)
Kyle: Hope so (small giggle)

Scene 2

I begin to walk into the hospital and all I see is the same thing with people in pain, coughing, or cant even wake up due to their sickness. The doctor walks along side and asks
Doctor: How are you this beautiful day Mrs. Yount?
(While looking at paper work)
Bekah: Oh same thing, different day you know?
Doctor: Well I wish I could agree with you but since this virus has broken out ill need you to check a couple patients and don’t worry, like I always say they…
Bekah: Don’t bite, don’t worry I will get them taken care of and bring you the reports later on
Doctor: Make it quick cause they seem to be pouring in.
The doctor begins to walk away to help out a patient with the same problem.

I walk into one patients room while looking at the paperwork on the symptoms of a man named Richard Williams and say
Bekah: Hello Mr. Williams how are you feeling?
I haven’t looked at the patient yet but I heard no response so I lift my head up to see him in a very bad state and in shock and I began to run tests. The man suddenly grabs my arm, I jump with fear and look at him saying
Bekah: Mr. Williams are you doing alright?
He slowly turns his head in a creepy way and looks at me like he can read my soul. Instantly I began to ask
Bekah: Sir we are going to give you some medicine to see if it will help ok?
He quickly responds
Mr. Williams: I saw something…
I look at him in confusion and ask
Bekah: what did you see Mr. Williams?
Mr. Williams: A man walking towards me with the eyes of death and the hunger of a monster. He attacked me and left me this bite and now the devil runs in my veins…
I remember seeing on the paper it said he had a small bite on is left forearm and could tell he was a Christian man when he stated his sentence that way. But the devil running in his veins? I was confused if he saying in small words he got sick or if he saw the man in worse of a state than him.
I tell Mr. Williams
Bekah: Ok sir the doctor will be back with your results and will help you later.

It quickly changes to the late evening and im sitting at the decks finishing up the night and then I hear a commotion. I look up to see the same man starting to slowly shake around and then it quickly progresses to him shaking badly I try to get up and the doctor beat me to it and told me
Doctor: Yount call it a night and come in tomorrow I got the rest you have been here all day.
I respond with a ok and grab my stuff still looking at the doctor trying to help the man and I hear him yelling and also his heart rate rising on the machines. I quickly get home in a sort of confusion and scare and come to find Kyle gone and confused on where he is cause he said he had the day off I tried to call him and saw that he left a voicemail saying.
Voicemail: Hey babe I’m going to the bar with my friends to have a few drinks and ill be home later on. Love you.
I am in a shock he is not home yet and the voicemail was 5 hours ago and he would be home by now. He works tomorrow. I call Kaylie and tell her
Bekah: could you come over its about Kyle…

They begin to talk about Kyle maybe cheating on her and doesn't know why he would and bekah is just confused and kaylie is there to soothe her and help her and stays the night.

Scene 3

Bekah wakes up to the annoying sound of a car alarm and she has woken in under confusion and Kyle is still not home. She checks to see Kaylie sleeping on the couch and the tv explaining to stay indoors from a fancy news reporter with a scared look on their face she is in shock and confusion why until they show a video of a man being torn apart by which seems to be other people all beaten up and bloody. Her heart begins to race and is scared of what she is seeing. Not one words comes from her mouth until she shakes Kaylie awake to look at the tv. Kaylie jolts up and gave the same expression and as soon as the video goes away Kyle busts the door open with barely any breath and in clothing with dirt and blood all over it. Kyle is sweating so bad it looks like he just got out of a rain storm and looks at them in a scared look as well. The girls scream from the door opening and jolt back and realize its him.
Bekah runs to Kyle yelling
Bekah: What is going on!
Kyle: There are they people with that sickness and is making become a monster and they aren't alive
Bekah is confused at what he said but recalls the guy from last night and realizes what he is saying.
Bekah: What do we do?
Kyle: We need to leave. Now!
Kaylie: Did you hear the tv it said not to and stay indoors.
Kyle looks and Kaylie with a slight angry look like she is crazy and shouts.
Kyle: That is the last thing we should do, what will happen if they get in? I'm not waiting to find out lets go!
Bekah grabs what she can but Kyle stops her and says
Kyle: There is no time its getting worse out side just grab a weapon. Anything!
Kaylie grabs the hammer next to the door and Bekah grabs the Kitchen cleaver and they both look at Kyle with a ready look.
Kyle: You guys ready to get out of this mess?
They both nod and are shaking like they have drank more red bulls that you could think of.
Kyle: Lets go!
They all run out the house to the car over by are black hawk helicopters flying by and people run all around and from a distance a small mushroom cloud comes up from the sky.

To Be Continued…..

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