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Zoo Should Be Bannned

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Are humans too dependent on machines/computers
Too Dependent. We have become too dependent on computers for answers, personal interactions, and we spend way too much time on them. Our Children are the product of our Technology.Thirty years ago, 90% of the kids were outside getting oxygen and playing sports. In addition, they were building forts and enjoying life. In this day an age, more than 75% of our children are playing video games and staying indoors. Now, our dilemma is that we are having a weight issue with our children. Child obesity is a growing concern with our nation. If we used the computers for learning and as a tool this issue wouldn't be as big. The sad truth is that people use this great tool for an easy way to get out of face to face interactions with other people. In 10-20 years it is said that there will be a computer smarter than the whole human race alive today. That is a scary future that we don't have to look very far to.

No. Computers are tools essential for today's lifestyle.

The invention of the computer has been effective and efficient. Computers offer a variety of resources from social networking, marketing websites, educational websites, software, databases, and so much more. With these resources, construction and creativity have increased, and you can connect with anyone around the world. Computers are also a fast and easy way for research, obviously faster than going to a library. We do not rely on computers too much; we merely use them for our aid.
The technology of computers is an excellent way to help students so that they may learn better and be more productive. As computers advance, they will become more and more essential for today's lifestyle.
Computers offer many advantages, such as:
- Business more efficient
- Edit photos, video, and more
- Share ideas worldwide
- Being able to store large amounts of data
- Extremely fast and accurate
- Bridging cultural gap
So you see, computers are certainly a neccessary part of our everyday lives.

Is residential system beneficial to children?
A residential system is a good solution to parents that cannot devote too much time to the child or are living in an area that is not conducive to bringing up a child.
Residential systems have several benefits. Firstly, all children get equal attention and all get the same benefits and follow the same lifestyle. All good residential systems give maximum attention to overall development of a student and this starts with inculcating discipline to follow daily routine and rules. After the initial ‘missing home’ period, the positive transformation in a young entrant to a residential system is very visible, within the first six months of admission.
All students are kept adequately occupied through a well-balanced daily routine in academics, sports and other co-curricular activities. Students begin to love the lifestyle and many are reluctant to return home during holidays. In fact, once holidays begin, they can’t wait to get back which leaves many parents a tad disappointed but amused.
Another advantage is that given the smaller number of students and full time interaction with the teachers, the teachers develop a close bonding with students as they are very involved with the student’s development in all aspects of emotional, physical, academic or sport and can monitor the progress far better than any teacher in a day school. This is the reason that students develop lifelong attachment and respect with their Residential system and teachers.
The best part of living in a residential system is that each student is taught to be independent and to take care of his own needs. Each student is exposed to all aspects of leadership through his time at school and the overall development is more balanced. Parents who have studied in residential systems will swear by the benefits of overall development of a child.

Zoo system should be abolished
-Endangered animals have a safe place to live and continue breeding to prevent extinction
- A zoo is a safe place to visit and experience seeing wild animals up close.
- Zoo's give medical care and feed animals who need help, they have no worry or stress about having to find food or water
-Zoos educate people about the importance of rescuing endangered animals, it also informs future generations of what they can do to help.
- If it wern't for zoos many animals such as the great panda, would be extinct by now
-Animals in zoos have a small risk of being harmed compared to animals in the wild.
- Enclosures have changed from metal bars and cod cement to more natural barriers and enclosures resembling the animals natural habitat.
- The capture of animals had changed so that you do not catch the animals from the wild but apply to recieve the young from other zoos breeding programs

- Animals live in man made enclosures and dont get to live naturally. They always live in the same place all year round.
-Animals get easily stressed from small enclosures or crowding and limited privacy.
-Animals lack mental stimulation and physical exercise.
-Unregistered animals on a international species database, some animals in zoos are not even endangered so why are they in captivity!?
-Apparentoly zoos have been known to supply animals for use in experiments.
-Zoos have apparently also been known to supply animals to the exotic meat industry.
-Some zoo animals have ended up in circuses
-Animals are said to die prematurely or at an earlier age in zoos
-Some animals are forced to live in climates that do not suit them

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