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The topic I have decided to write about is zoos. I will try to put a cross the positive and negative aspects of such a place.

I think that zoo's can be good and bad. First I will tell you why I think that they can be good. One reason that zoos are good because this is a place where anyone can spend his free time; make a trip with a family or friends. Zoos are very interesting place, because there people can come over and see exotic animals up close, without being in danger. Zoos have an important role in educating the public. Most zoos had a little sign in front of the animal telling a little bit about the animal and where it’s from so you learn a lot about the animals; find out a bit about the animal history that you may have never known without visiting a zoo. Following this, zoo is a good working place. For people who love animals, job in zoo – is a dream job. Zoo gives them opportunity to get to know animals from closer. But the importantly zoos are helping to protect endangered species from dying out. Zoos are protecting animals from predators and humans who are hunting them. Zoos are using many difficult programs to increase the number of species. Moreover zoos help animals who can not live in the wild. They help for animals that can not live in place where hat climate changed.

On the other hand zoos are very expensive. It takes a lot tax payers money. I think it would be better to spend this money maybe on hospitals or for homeless people.
Another reason is that in some zoos there are not enough room for animals to live, the cages are smaller than they should be for the animal. Some animal in zoo that is in cage can affect animal mentally. In natural, they consume their energy by running, walking, jumping and so on. In zoos animals don’t have enough space for consuming their energy. That may affect animal for example he can lose his weight.

My opinion is that zoos are the good. Now most zoos are trying to make animals living place as much as possible similar to theirs real home.

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