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Zsade Byrd
Prof. Ghiradella
Eng. 010-11
December, 3rd 2015

One thing everyone should have is an open mind. An open mind helps one to grow in many ways. Three of these ways are in character growth, wisdom, and skill. Having an open mind doesn’t mean believing what anyone says, but it means being humble and accepting as much knowledge that one can in. Being humble can make one view the world differently. One thing that comes along with having an open mind is that one’s character grows, and adapts well to other people. With an open mind, one can read people's vibes very well. One might not know what the other individual may be thinking exactly, but one knows what the individual's intentions are because of their actions. if one has an open mind, then one is more aware of people and the situation around them. For example, if one is leaving or approaching their car, one of the questions one might ask their self would be; are there any suspicious looking characters following me or approaching me? And if it is then one is aware of it before it actually happens because one is taking precaution by surveying the area. These ties into character growth because adapting well to people can help one handle people better than others which is part of one's character. Along with character growth having an open mind also gives you wisdom. Wisdom is one of the most important parts that come from an open mind. One gains a substantial amount of wisdom by not being closed minded. being wise allows one to take all information in no matter what it is and determines whether it is valid or not. For example, if one is reading many books and asking many questions then one is gaining wisdom and knowledge; which causes one to become wise. One’s mind tends to fill up with a lot of information; whether it’s right or wrong. So they may know for the future; one may pass the...

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