Zumba Theory

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It seems like one cannot turn a television on without seeing a commercial about some “miracle weight loss pill” or “super slim down garment.” Health and fitness are being stressed more than ever in today’s society. With America having an ever increasing percentage of citizens who are overweight and obese, staying fit has become a growing concern. Incorporating exercise into daily life can be challenging. Americans are always on the go. Everything in our communities represents ease, entertainment, and convenience. What if there was a method to get a good workout, while still enjoying the time spent doing so? Hence the newest fitness trend: Zumba. Zumba is a fun, energetic way to integrate various music styles with high intensity dance moves to create an effective, aerobic workout. It has become widely popular because it is both enjoyable and beneficial, and it can be done a variety of ways in various settings.
Zumba originated in South America. Latin American music is very upbeat which complements their lifestyle. Zumba incorporates several aspects of various Latin dances such as the salsa, merengue, bachata, samba, and much more. It captures the essence and freedom of Latin American culture and displays that through dance and song. However, some forms of Zumba have slightly strayed away from the original Latin inspired workout.
There are now Zumba classes offered in almost every local gym. o The Zumba offered in these classes however, is a mix of Latin music as well as current and past Pop/Rock hits. The dances are not solely taken from common Latin dances; they now incorporate high energy hip-hop moves. The variation of Zumba still provides a good workout, so it satisfies those who choose to participate in it. The variety of music involved in a Zumba workout adds to why it has become highly popular in the past few years.
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