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“I Have a Simple Philosophy: Fill What's Empty. Empty What's Full. Scratch Where It Itches”.

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From the cradle to the grave,between this two things is called our life.Our life is too shorter than we can imagine,in this short life we don't want sorrow,we all want to make it enjoyable by filling it with so many interesting,exciting things,if we feel something that's empty we would try to fill up the empty.We could be making more money, gaining knowledge,doing something totally new,being in charge of own life,looking for meaning in the everyday and all the human rights, basically fulfilling our wants.We all have desires and we are working hard to fulfill our desires.Every man have a goal and they can do anything to reach the goal.We do not want to live a life without happiness and we all need to find what makes us happy. On the other hand,sometimes we have a lot of things in life which we do not need anymore.So, we clean those stuff from our life and giving away so that new stuff can come in our life.Like trees leave their old leafs so that new leafs can come,like nature change season one by one,one gone another season is coming. If your cup of joys is fulfilled then distribute them with others for your cup will be refilled and pass the happiness around the table.Then everyone In every spheres of our life we face many different cases,we should solve them.If we not happy with something, something that making us uncomfortable,we have to do something to fix that.We can’t ignore it,scratch where it itches and bring it out of your life.

Last of all,I want to say that I am agree with this statement –
“I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches”.
- Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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