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    SUBJECT: Cost Accounting Systems Managerial accounting concerns utilizing information available that assists managers to plan, control, and execute the company’s performance. It emphasizes on the relationships of internal costs and internal control tools in a systematic way. In a manufacturing organization, a typical cost accounting system aims to identify and allocate costs reasonably so that the organization can estimate the profitability of its products. With the input of numerical

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    I could have new for little additional cost. See, part of the reason I make so many purchases through is because I am constantly receiving gift certificates from other sources. It could be a $20 reward for taking a series of surveys; a $15 award for sampling new software; a $25 reward for taking part in an audio conference; etc. Whatever the reason, I always seem to get these certificates and thus I didn’t see the need to settle for used merchandise when I could get new for

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    build a cost structure that works well with strategy and execution cost management uses common management accounting tools to measure cost performance in relation to benchmarks so that all improvement opportunities are shown (Fotache, Fotache, 2009). Activity based management (ABM), can show the real cost of outsourcing compared to making improvements on current processes. Instead of refurbishing factories or fixing their current cost accounting systems, companies outsource manufacturing only

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    WINDCATCHER SA Tutorial 3: Full costing – traditional method Solution guide Assignment questions 1/ Establish the full cost of the order on a cost centre (departmental) basis and state any assumptions that you have made in deriving this figure. You are highly recommended to: a/ list the direct and indirect costs related to the specific cost unit involved in this case study; and identify the basis of cost apportionment for each overhead cost; b/ identify the cost centres (what relevant

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    . DESCENDING LIMB OF LOH • Descending limb is highly permeable to water and more moderately permeable to urea & Na+ ions those about simple diffusion take place through it. ASCENDING LIMB OF LOH • Less permeable to water of highly permeable to urea. Counter Current Mechanism- Mechanism of reabsorption of urine of LOH and maintained by vasoreceptor. • Thick Segment Cell- The epithelial cells of thick segment cells are similar to those of PCT except o They have rudimentary brush

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    maintenance and upkeep. They also need to consider the effect automated system they would need to reevaluate and have to let employees go, which cou the impact it may have on their customers. Customers current systems may not be compat company if the costs of upgrading are too high. 47. Gross Margin and Contribution Margin 1. Profit Report Attendance Last year Price per Ticket Profit Report Ticket Sales Cost of Dinner Gross Margin Invitations and Paperwork Profit (Loss) 525 $24 Fixed Costs

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    Cost Accounting Tabitha Smith ACC 310 Christine Errico January 12, 2011 Cost Accounting What is cost accounting? Cost accounting as referred to as managerial accounting is a system of accounting used specifically by managers (Lanen, Anderson, & Maher, 2011, p. 6). Cost accounting measures, records and reports information about costs to help managers to form a well informed decisions for an organization (Lanen, Anderson, & Maher, 2011, p. 6

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    Solution4: Total and unit cost, decision making 60,000 Tota Manufacturin Costs al ng 50,000 40,000 Variable Costs 30,000 20,000 10,000 10 000 0 0 5,000 Num ber of Flanges 10,000 Total Manufacturing Costs Fixed Costs Note that the production costs include the $20,000 of fixed manufacturing costs but not the $10,000 of period costs. The variable cost is $1 per flange for materials, and $2 per flange $ p g , $ p g for direct manufacturing labor. 47 Solution4: Total and unit cost

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    COST ACCOUNTING Cost accounting means the process of collection of data, analyzing the data, summarizing and evaluating various alternative courses of action. Basically, the cost accounting information are commonly used in the financial accounting information. Also the accounting system and financial reports are not subjected to the rules and standards of accounts, like the general accepted accounting principal. Which leads to different application of cost accounting system in

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    detrimental to your business. The success of a business is partly determined by it’s employees. Employees that are well rested, not overworked, and not under a lot of stress are better able to perform in the work environment. They are more productive and higher productivity means higher profits for the company. Before companies lay-off or terminate their employees they need to know all of the costs and not just the financial costs. In most cases the cost of laying off the employees is

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    , EMW found that it could be more profitable if it produced low volume customized alternating current motors in small production runs. Thus, the firm changed its strategy to mainly manufacture A/C motors and created a relative good production environment to support its new strategy. The new production process for the manufacture of A/C motors was costly and automated by dedicated automated machines. According to the new strategy, the cost allocation system was changed as well. In addition, the new

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    trained in budgeting, you have decided to prepare comprehensive budgets for the upcoming second quarter in order to show management the benefits that can be gained from an integrated budgeting program. To this end, you have worked with accounting and other areas to gather the following information assembled. The company sells many styles of earrings, but all are sold for the same price, $10 per pair. Actual sales of earrings for the last three months and budgeted sales for the next six months follow

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    =80,000 + 320,000 -60,000 =400,000 - 60,000 = 340,000 Thus of the 400,000 Gross  only 80,000 came from Vs and $320,000 came from Vp. HO #6 Accounting Theory 20XX CPA Exam Number 4 (Estimated time -- 15 - 25 minutes) Part a. Crisp Company, a manufacturer with heavy investments in property, plant, and equipment, is presently using absorption costing for both its external and internal reporting. The management of Crisp Company is considering using the direct costing method for

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    . Cooper, R., (1990), ABC: A Need, Not an Option, Accountancy, September. Cornick, M., Cooper, W., Wilson, S., (1988), How do companies Analyze overhead?, Management Accounting, No. June. Cress, W., Pettijohn, J., (1985), A Survey of Budget-related Planning and Control Policies and Procedures, Journal of Accounting Education, Vol. 3. Drury, C., (1992), Management and Cost Accounting, 3rd ed., Chapman & Hall, London. Edwards, J.A., (1998), Handbook of Cost Management, Warren, Gorham

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    , by definition, are included and thereby directly allocated. Whereas the direct method is the simplest, it lacks accuracy over the step-down method in that interdepartmental services are ignored. The step-down methods’ primary advantage is the inclusion of all costs across an organization.   References Horngren, C., Sundem, G., Stratton, W., Burgstahler, D., & Schatzberg, J. (2008). Introduction to Management Accounting. (14th ed.). New Jersey: Pearson- Prentice Hall. Unknown (2009). Direct Method of Cost Allocation-Service Department. Accounting for Management. Retrieved from

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    to their parents. Because Chinese people have the traditionally put a lot of emphasis on education and families will make the big sacrifices to make sure their children get the best education and the best chance in life. So, regardless of being the parents or the children looks the college entrance examination is very heavy. Of course, the examination is also very important to Americans’ students. Although the college entrance examination has the advantages and disadvantage. Now I will statement

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    Accounting 310 Examination Study Guide for Chapters 3 & 4 01. How will the contribution margin and the break-even point change as a result of a change in the selling price, variable costs, or fixed costs? 02. Which of the following variables will not have an impact on a company’s break-even point? Change in variable costs, sale price, number of units sold, or fixed costs? 03. What factors would cause the margin of safety to decrease? A change in fixed costs, total revenue, break-even point

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    . Srikant & Rajan, V. Madhav. (2012). Cost Accounting A Managerial Emphasis (14th ed.) 2, Great post. I agree with your ideas. It is important for employees and managers to understand that budget is a powerful tool designed to help them set and reach goals. The word budget is not about downsizing or layoff. The misrepresentation of estimates in a budget would mislead the top management about the true productivity of a plant, or even the whole company, which leads to inefficient resource

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    Fundamentals of Cost Accounting Week 5 Assignments Chapters 8 and 9 Questions Chapter 8 6. Discuss the sequence in which the major components of the master budget are prepared. Why is it necessary to prepare the components in such a sequence? The Sequence for a master budget is as follows: A production budget, purchases budget, personnel budget, direct labor budget, overhead budget, selling and administrative budget, capital budget, and budgeted financial statements. Using this sequence

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    ) Outline two reasons why Absorption Costing is recommended over Marginal Costing by accounting bodies. (2 marks) Question 3 The marginal cost card for Product Z provided you the Cost Accountant with the following information for the month ending October 31, 2010. The company had budgeted to produce and sell 5,000 units at a price of $1,000 each. Fixed overheads for the month of October 2010, amounted to $1,100,000 |Details |Per

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    year. Thus, when the accounting in most recently received inventory with first items sold. This actually gives a more realistic look at the market costs of the inventory when sell since it is sold shortly after received. A main reason companies choose LIFO during periods of inflation, though, is that it helps keep current taxable income low since more recent purchases typically have a higher cost basis The weighted average method uses average costs over the reporting period to calculate the inventory balance. It is a new average cost is calculated after each purchase, then is used to value all subsequent issue and balances. Therefore it shows average cost of issues and average closing stock value as compared to FIFO and LIFO.

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    methods control charts, Pareto diagram, cause & effect diagrams. Cost of Quality Exclusions Opportunity Costs as a result from poor quality: 1.Contribution Margin and Income foregone from lost sales 2.Lost Production 3.Lower Prices COQ reports advantages: Places a dollar figure on the costs of poor quality. Helps prioritise quality improvement programs. Help managers monitor the effects of the ‘quality effort. Can help identify the optimal level of quality for the firm. Disadvantages: Managers

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    price and cost structure. | |c. |talents possessed by its managers. | |d. |board of directors. | ANS: B DIF: Easy OBJ: 8-1 7. A budget is |a. |a planning tool

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    is included in both the lessor’s and the lessee’s minimum lease payments. Also the lease term ends for accounting purposes after 3 years, when the BPO becomes exercisable. Problem 15-10 (continued) (a) by Western Soya Co. (the lessee) Since at least one (two in this case) classification criterion is met, this is a capital lease to the lessee. Western Soya records the present value of minimum lease payments as a leased asset and a lease liability. (b) by Rhone

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    in activity based costing comes from the recognition of a large number of activity cost pools and the isolation of an appropriate cost driver for each activity. When using activity based costing the important part is on capital and the activities that cause them. There should be no longer being a separation between product and period costs as stated by financial accounting. In order to calculate using ABC there are certain steps that needs to be in place. Here is the initial step that needs to

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    Air Asia Berhad (Air Asia) is one of the leading low cost airlines in South East Asia which has expanded rapidly since 2001. AirAsia aims to establish itself as a leading low cost carrier in market by valuing its customers through cost advantages created by operational effectiveness and efficiency. The key of profitability for airlines is unit cost competitiveness because airlines know that it is difficult to increase their revenues in the current situation. The cost gap is the source of

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    costs are reported as an asset when incurred and expensed on the income statement when the product is sold. Answer: True Difficulty: 2 Objective: 6 22. Cost of goods sold refers to the products brought to completion, whether they were started before or during the current accounting period. Answer: False Difficulty: 1 Objective: 6 Cost of goods manufactured refers to the products brought to completion, whether they were started before or during the current

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of RH BILL The statement that reproductive health means "free sex, use of contraseptives,abortion if contraception fails." is not found anywhere on that bill. Use of contraseptives,yes, but free sex and abortion if contraception fails?! If you have read the bill, that'sdefinitely putting words into the authors' mouth. The word "prevent" is not synonymousfor "killing" the catholic church stand for using this method shows that using this methodof preventing is a

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    Accounting Standards Board, an independent organization, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) supply guidance regarding financial reporting practices. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 also created the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board which reports to the SEC to oversee auditing standards and practices. The AICPA also provides educational opportunities. In the public sector, The Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB) sets cost accounting standards for those doing

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    = 30% therefore, turnover = unchanged .6*.3*.18 = 18% CRANE CORP CRANE CORP. has a centralized employee travel department which handles travel arrangements for the East, Central and West divisions of the company. Budgeted annual costs for the travel department are $225,000. What are the cost objects in this situation? The cost objects in this situation is the east, central, and west divisions. What is the cost pool? The cost pool would be the cost of running the

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    , fossil fuels, like coal and petroleum, are the cheapest sources of energy available today. Additionally, there appear to be bountiful supplies of fossil fuels -- meaning that they are likely to remain inexpensive. At our current consumption level, there are more than 245 years worth of proven coal supplies in the United States.10 There are also large reserves in India and China, where much of the increase in future demand for energy is projected to occur.11 The second factor is that a substantial

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    of the partner's share of the maximum possible loss that may be incurred. A partner's share of the maximum possible loss reflects the possibility that all remaining noncash assets may prove worthless and that the partner may be charged with additional losses if the other partners are unable to pay to the partnership any deficit that may occur in their capital accounts. 8. No journal entries are entered in the LLP’s accounting records for possible losses from future realization of partnership

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    COST ACCOUNTING VS FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Copyright © Both cost accounting and financial accounting help the management formulate and control organization policies. Financial management gives an overall picture of profit or loss and costing provides detailed product-wise analysis. No doubt, the purpose of both is same; but still there is a lot of difference in financial accounting and

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    Destin Brass Products Company Activity Based Costing Prepared by: Heidi Meilinger Standard System Step 4: Indirect Cost Pool Step 3: Cost Allocation Base Step 5: 439% of direct run labor cost Step 1: Cost objects: Valves, pumps, And flow controllers Step 2: Direct Costs Revised System Step 4: Indirect Cost Pool

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    After researching Aramark Dining Services’ website, and discussing our own experiences, we discovered that Aramark uses cost leadership to operate. The cost leadership strategy is beneficial to a company because it has the lowest cost in the industry. The dining service goes through rapid change and has specific ways in which they function on a daily basic. Due to elements such as the strategic target, basis of competitive advantage, product lines, production and marketing emphasis, the

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    Project #2 – Cost Accounting Classifications The first business I observed was Little Caesars. Little Caesars is a pizza chain, similar to Pizza Hut and Dominos. I met up with the store manager, Norma, so that she could show me around the store. We started at the back of the store where she introduced me to Omar and Miguel who have the very important job of making the dough every morning. We walked towards the front of the store where Paula was prepping toppings for the pizza and getting

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    Week 4 : Master Budget and Responsibility Accounting - Midterm Time Remaining: 02:45:44 Save Answers Submit for Grading Question 1.1. (TCO A) Managerial accounting provides all of the following EXCEPT _____. (Points : 6) a balance sheet prepared in accordance with GAAP financial and nonfinancial reports on departments future-oriented information internal reports that don't follow GAAP Question 2.2. (TCO A) Barnes and Noble is an example of

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    Cost accounting is an accounting process that measures and analyses the costs associated with products, production and projects so that correct amounts are reported on financial statements. Cost accounting aids in decision-making processes by allowing a company to evaluate its costs. Some types of costs in cost accounting are direct, indirect, fixed, variable and operating costs. Absorption costing is a costing system which treats all costs of production as product costs, regardless whether

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    beginning work-in-process inventory. b. Current costs plus cost of ending work-in-process inventory. c.  Current costs minus cost of beginning work-in-process inventory. d. None of the other options is correct. e. Current costs only. Feedback Your answer is incorrect. The weighted-average method of process costing combines the costs of work done in the previous period and the current period. Thus, the cost of the equivalent units is equal to the current cost (current period) plus the

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    exchange, $2.1 billion of non-cash impairment charges related to the Batteries business reported in discontinued operations and a $2.1 billion Venezuelan deconsolidation charge. The Vertical analysis shows that the gross profit represented 49% of sales and cost of goods sold rounded at 51% of sales for 2015 compare to 2014 that represent 49.1% and 50.9% respectively. Total SG&A decreased 5% to $23.6 billion, as reduced overhead and marketing spending was partially offset by increased

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    manufacturing the cost object and they cannot be easily traced to it in a economic and easily way. These costs can be indirect labor, supplies, indirect materials as lubricant. Along with costs such as direct material and direct labor, the cost of manufacturing overhead must be assigned to each unit produced so that inventory and cost of goods sold are valued and reported according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). f. Indirect Materials Costs Any material that is not part of

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    1. What is Cost Accounting and how it is related to Management and Financial Accounting? Cost accounting is a process of collecting, analyzing, summarizing and evaluating various alternative courses of action. Its goal is to advise the management on the most appropriate course of action based on the cost efficiency and capability. Cost accounting provides the detailed cost information that management needs to control current operations and plan for the future. COST VS. FINANCIAL

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  • Advantage and Disadvantage of Social Media Essay

    Only a few technology-loving, mind-stimulating and idea-generating individuals out there are still unplugged with social media. I am sure those too will join soon as well since social media is not just a platform for easy and simple advanced online marketing, it is also the revolution of our century! Many people have tried to capture the importance of social media. In today’s post, we will introduce to you the most must-know advantages and disadvantages of social media so you’ll be aware of

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    purposes). However, if an item is determined to be the sale of tangible personal property, can states and taxpayers identify where an item has been delivered? To make matters even more confusing, in Catawba, the state legislature has proposed a bill that would statutorily source cloud computing service revenue on a market based approach rather than the cost of performance method. The market-sourcing method sources receipts based on the location of the customer. It is unsure if this measure will pass

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    condensed, limited to cost data and double entry accounting, and adheres to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). In contrast Managerial accounting pertains to subunits within the business, is very detailed in nature, extends well beyond double entry accounting to any relevant data, and the standards applied is dependent on the relevance of the decision. Lastly, the verification process for Financial Accounting is the CPA audit while Managerial accounting does not require independent

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    future product"(Patrick). Basically if company does not have many desicons to make, for example just one product, the traditional way would work okay. On the other hand if the company has many different products and wants to understand where the cost is in the production phase ABC is the one to use for the most precision and best results. References Lanen, W., Anderson, S., & Maher, M. (3rd). (2011) Fundamentals of Cost Accounting. New York, NY. McGraw-Hill Irwin. Luehlfing, M.. Activity based costing. N.p., 2001. Web. 14 Jun 2012. . Patrick, N. Managers-net. N.p., 2012. Web. 14 Jun 2012 .

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    [pic] | | COST ACCOUNTING AREA: CONTROL IMBA NUMBER OF SESSIONS: 20 PROFESSOR: SALVADOR CARMONA □ Ph.D (Accounting). Universidad de Sevilla. □ Last version, November 2006 COURSE DESCRIPTION A cost accounting system collects and classifies costs and assigns them to cost objects. The goal of a cost accounting system is to measure the cost of

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    .89) 445,000 December 31, 2013 (1,000,000 x .80) 800,000 December 31, 2014 (2,000,000 x .71) 1,420,000 December 31, 2015 (4,000,000 x .64) 2,560,000 Total present value of loan 5,225,000 Requirement 2 Loan receivable 7,500,000 Accrued interest receivable (12% x 7500,000) 900,000 Total carrying amount 8,400,000 Present value of loan 5,225,000 Impairment loss 3,175,000 Requirement 3 2011 Impairment loss 3,175,000

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    better more accurate budgeting by showing the relationship among activities, costs and products (Johnson). One of the disadvantages of ABC is that it takes time and money to implement. The costs to maintain an activity-based costing system are high as well. Another disadvantage is the fact that the reports that are generated from an ABC system do not conform to generally accepted accounting principles. A company that uses activity-based costing should have two cost systems. One system (ABC

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    , direct materials cost is “Acquisition costs of all materials that eventually become part of the cost object (work in process and then finished goods), and that can be traced to the cost object in an economically feasible way.” Examples of this are the stuffing and cloth used to make pillows, as well as the acquisition costs of these items such as shipping charges and sales tax. (Cost Accounting, 14/e for DeVry University, 14th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions p. 848). d. Direct

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