Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Presentation Aids In Group Presentations

  • Advantage and Disadvantage of Amazon

    . How Does it Work?: Using the Marketplace is as simple as using itself. You select the items you want by clicking the link to add them to your shopping cart. Then, you proceed to the check out, pay for your items, and wait for them to arrive. If you purchase Marketplace items along with new merchandise from itself, everything will be combined together in one shopping cart and one payment. However, the items will, of course, be shipped separately

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  • Presentation

    point of view in SAP SEM using the Measure Builder Queries InfoCubes The definition contains the possible data sources, for example BW queries, that could be used to determine the value of a measure For each measure in a scorecard, VALUES like Actual, Plan, and Benchmark can be used for evaluations For each value, a specific source of data in BW has to be chosen from the possible sources specified in the measure definition © SAP AG 2002, The HR Balanced Scorecard, Dr. Martina Schuh, Page 6

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  • Presentation

    As a manufacturing engineer , I also in charge on choosing the right material to be use on the car , for the wheels of the car , I decided to use teflon wheels as it is light , strong and helps in reducing during the rotation on the track . we use double ball bearing for each of the wheels. We used the treated ball bearings which we had produce during the innovation. The axle we use is the carbon fibre axle because it is very light . The colour that we use is metallic colour using spray paint

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  • My Presentation

    accessing VSAM files, and variable-length MQ records for accessing MQSeries® message queues. Disadvantages of Using Variable Length Format Record The use of the VARIABLE_LENGTH record type is discouraged because of its inherent dependence on a priori knowledge of the record structure for proper reading and writing. Notwithstanding, VARIABLE_LENGTH records may be used in the following circumstances: * When supporting software, which can be executed on a variety of hosts, is provided along with

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  • Health Promotion Group Presentation

    Health Promotion Group Presentation Student Name: Institution Lecturer Paper Code Date A myriad of women have limited if no access to prenatal because they lack insurance. Consequently there are so many women get pregnant each year without health insurance and therefore leading to inadequate/low prenatal care. Some insurance companies have also categorized pregnancy as pre-existing condition. The cost of paying for the services is very high leaving a number of women at limbo; forcing

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  • Good Presentation

    Intro today’s workplace calls for mastery of the basic elements of public speaking  Help you identify the best strategy and structure for your presentation.  Give you specific techniques for presentation style and delivery.  Provide a detailed checklist for using visual aids.  Introduce you to a powerful technique for calming presentation nerves. 5Ss of Effective Presentation: 1. Strategy – understanding your audience and its needs. 2. Structure – preparing your content. 3. Support

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  • Oral Presentation

    key factors he mentioned in the presentation, as a reminder to the audience. This is key when presenting because it reminds the audience about the message you are trying to get across. Some of the characteristics of a good presentation used in this speech were: eye contact, avoiding long sentences, speaks in clear voice, not using slang and bringing the presentation to a close. All these were discussed in chapter 12 and were effectively used by the speaker. Some that were missed were: Maintaining a good posture, dress accordingly, and pace yourself. Overall, the message was well delivered and very effective.

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  • Final Presentation

    market) Scenario # of securities held in a portfolio ↑ → Portfolio risk ↓ at first Portfolio risk approaches the level of systematic risk Kristin Hanselmann International Portfolio Theory and Diversification 6/35 Introduction Diversification / Risk Internationalizing Portfolio National Markets / Performance Mini Case Summary Portfolio Risk Reduction through Diversification Number of stocks in portfolio Kristin Hanselmann International Portfolio Theory and Diversification

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  • Bmw Presentation

    Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) AN ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Group Members Ihsanullah Niaz Atif Mohammad Momina Ayaz A Portrait of the Company • • • • • • • • • • • Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works) Founded in 1916 as “Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG” (BFW) Stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft) in 1918 Based in Munich, Germany Dr. Norbert Reithofar, CEO The Group currency is the euro. Manufacturing, assembly, service and sales subsidiaries throughout the world. One

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  • Presentation

    participate in making or eating this snack Racial, ethnic, and cultural background: Race and ethnicity has nothing to do with it, but cultural it may have a tiny impact. It depends on what the expectations are on preparing fish cake. Group membership: This presentation is for all members of society. There’s no membership required to enjoy an easy snack. Other (specify): Although there are people who are judge mental, it does not matter what their opinions are when preparing my snack. Everyone does not

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  • Presentation Skills.

    Week 5 – Basic Presentation Skills: Creating a presentation. What are the most effective practices in creating and delivering a technical business presentation? The presentation needs several things to create a memorable presentation. Presentations need a well structured opening, middle, closing, and presentation aids. The opening will let your audience know who you are, why you are there, and sets the stage for the rest of the presentation. It is the first opportunity to send the

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  • Presentation

    Hello everyone. I am going to talk about how students could use the tasks and assignments through 뜨루 using the Nearpod. As pengchao said, there are a lot of features in the nearpod. I will focus on 2 specific method today. That is mini quizzes and homework. We sometimes have mini quizzes in business communication class. For example, what is article, what is the best position of preposition like that. So professors always give us a quiz paper every quizzes. It can be so hard to do typing and

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  • Presentation Note

    with the PESA, it gives us a total unit of 10,590. Which mean the r&d cost per unit will be approximately $189. After that, we add this number with $1,528, which is the cost of producing Tronn, the total cost will be 1,726.86. With 30% markup over cost. the price of the bundle using this method will be 2,244.92, and the profit margin is 518.06. Pros Value advantage – price aggressively (perceived benefit > perceived price) Gain market share quickly Cost fully covered * Cons * High amount of unharvest value – could have price higher * Company focused * May lead to price war. From this graph, the competitor will lower their price to the indifferent zone in order to reduce market share loss.

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  • Presentation

    part, and finally give the final conclusion and comments). 9. Question time 10. Thank the audience Typical expression 1. I am max Tran-Van? I am BBA student in finance and accounting currently 2nd year. 2. It is a great honour for me to be here with you today and to talk … 3. The aim of my presentation is to 4. My presentation is going to be 15 minutes long and I hope I will not exceed the time limit. 5. Your questions during the presentation will be appreciated. Or

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  • Discuss the Advantage and Disadvantage of Giving International Aid to Poor Countries

    Discuss the Advantage and Disadvantage of Giving International Aid to Poor Countries Name: Institution: Discuss the Advantage and Disadvantage of Giving International Aid to Poor Countries Granting international aids to underprivileged states is the noblest international practice in contemporary globalized society. According to Chenery and Strout (2006), the core motive for international aid emanated from the human being

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  • Executive Presentation

    Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) MB107 EXECUTIVE PRESENTATION ASSIGNMENT SHEET Friday, April 25, 2014 Gideon Putnam Resort Congratulations! You are now working for Google as part of a team charged with helping it navigate a chaotic business environment. Your team must both formulate a comprehensive strategic plan and propose specific actions to counter the threats posed by Apple, Amazon and Facebook to Google’s dominance of the world’s digital infrastructure as described in the assigned cases

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  • Presentation

    Technology (GIST) Group of Oak Ridge National Laboratory are supported by various government departments and agencies including The Department of Energy. They are currently the only group in the United States Department of Energy National Laboratory System to focus on advanced theory and application research in this field. Applications Many fields benefit from geoinformatics, including urban planning and land use management, in-car navigation systems, virtual globes, public health, local and national

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  • Presentation

    questions at the end of any presentation (they should be invited by the speaker!). The idea at the end of all the presentations is to offer constructive advice and not meaningless criticism; to discuss ways to improve presentation skills; to evaluate, give feedback and help. There is no point in ‘loading’ your evaluation so that it looks good because the speaker is a ‘mate’ – you do them no favours at all, especially given the fact that there may be an assessed presentation later on in the course

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  • Advantage and Disadvantage of Whatsapp

    Whatsapp Everything having a plus point also has some negative points too. So here are some of the disadvantages of this brilliant app: You can chat to friends that only have smart phones supporting this application and to friends having their account on Whatsapp. You can just send 100 messages in a month to friends not having Whatsapp on their phone. You must have access to internet to send and receive messages for free and the messages are also not sent to the phone inbox. You need to pay $0.99 for renewal after every year. You cannot call using this app to your friends for free. Your profile picture is visible to every person having your contact number and using this app, whether known by you or not.

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  • Presentation

    . There is no balance in the sides of newspaper. The right hand side of the newspaper is focused most than the other one. Before the newspaper only have black and white colour but now our newspaper have plenty of colour so the colour balance is the most important to make the attractive for our advertising pages. · Ensure the typeface selection suit the product and central idea of the advertisement and the layout balance white space and margins: For our newspaper advertisement, this was checked by

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  • Marketing Presentation

    Marketing Presentation Notes / Aug 16, 2014 1, Category- Demand Segmentation, Market Research & Focus Groups, 4P’s Use GE marketing matrix 2. Competition- does not like swats likes individual analysis of competition and what can they kill you with. 3. Company & Competition Compare Together 4. Consumer 5. Customer -Market segmentation - Target markets - Brand loyalty - Customer relationship marketing - Need, want, perceptions

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  • Presentation

    the size of your enterprise, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your customers demand. Technological infrastructure affects the culture, efficiency and relationships of a business. It also affects the security of confidential information and trade advantages. Importance of Technology in Business Technology plays a vital role in business. Over the years businesses have become dependent on technology so much so that if we

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  • Creative Presentation

    What's great about doing creative presentations is not only that you get to work and mingle with other people but also because you get to learn new stuff as you create and perform the presentation. Another thing great about having creative presentations is its difference from the ordinary and typical classes. In a typical class, the teacher disscusses a certain topic to the students wherein the students are expected to learn from the teacher's discussion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with

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  • Holland Presentation

    with the aim of committing a serious terrorist crime separate criminal offenses. In July 2009, the Dutch Government decided to initiate an external investigation into the legitimacy and effectiveness of Dutch counterterrorism laws and regulations. In January 2008, the appeals court in The Hague acquitted the seven members of the “Hofstad” terror group of participating in a criminal and terrorist organization, finding that “there was no question of a lasting and structured form of cooperation, nor

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  • Presentation

    delivering your message. What if slides aren’t even the best way to communicate your message? If you’re speaking to a small group, it might be best to scrap the slides and share in a more informal, personal way. Or you might rather bring in a prop to underline a key metaphor in your talk. Before jumping into the look of your presentation, spend some time “off the grid” to focus on your message. Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen, suggests that presenters start prepping by shutting down their

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  • Presentation

    ) | | | | | | Presentation Implementation Criteria (Level – based) The following is an outline of the how the Presentations are expected to be conducted depending on the LEVEL. *Credit Course - English Conversation I &II: Begins at Level 3 & 4* (Fall 2012-2 starts Level 3 & 4) Midterm Presentation Grading /Rubric Criteria * Students can use these criteria to help in preparing and organizing their groups’ presentation. * Students are strongly encouraged to follow and fulfill each

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  • Presentation Skill

    ability to learn how to become highly effective presenters. In this article we’ll be looking at some techniques to help you achieve more from your presentations. Key Objectives of Effective Presentation Skills The key objectives that underline a good presentation often include the following: * To establish credibility with your audience * To communicate information clearly to your audience * To persuade and/or influence your audience To achieve these objectives, there are a range

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  • Health Studies Group Presentation Reflective Essay

    college to get together and discuss our presentation. We then had a morning on the day of presentations to finalise our plans. Feelings My initial feelings were of worry, stress and pressure over the amount of time we were allocated during class to prepare. Initially our group was made up of five people to include Louise. However, she left the course shortly after we were set the assignment and this added to my feelings of worry as to whether our presentation would be of a good standard. We

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  • Presentation

    terms, but comparatively little is known about them. Most of the following discussion refers to technical PCP. As with any phenol, the hydroxyl group of PCP takes part in nucleophilic reactions (e.g.,it forms esters with organic and inorganic acids and ethers with alkylating agents such as methyl iodide or diazomethane). Electron withdrawal by the ring—chlorines causes PCP to be unusually acidic {PKA 4.70 in water, roughly comparable to propionic acid, PKA 4.9] and a relatively weak nucleophile

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  • Management Presentation

    Management and leadership Presentation Subject: Explain how managers can set effective expectations for their employees to increase organizational performance.     Slide 1: In order to set expectations towards employee, it is important to know what these expectations are. What are the goals and guidelines to an increase organizational performance in the work place? What are the behaviors and expectations managers have towards their employees? What are effective expectations for

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  • Presentation

    an official meeting. They would like to formulate, review and amend strategic and tactical planning for the organisation. For the purpose of your assigned task, you are required to prepare a power-point slide and demonstrate your finding in an oral presentation. For this purpose, you need to investigate on the key resources (physical, technological and human resources) used by your organisation and the importance of managing these resources effectively. Task 1: Identify and describe the

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  • Depression Presentation

    the delivery of certain key neurotransmitters (chemical messengers to the brain). These neurotransmitters include: * Serotonin. Perhaps the most important neurotransmitter in depression is serotonin. Among other functions, it is important for feelings of well being. Imbalances in the brain’s serotonin levels can trigger depression and other mood disorders. * Other Neurotransmitters. Other neurotransmitters possibly involved in depression include acetylcholine and catcholamines, a group

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  • Decorating Presentation

    of money?! II. You can create a specific look seen in the media with the right accessories. III. Creating the desired effect in a home can become costly overtime, but it does not have to be so. IV. My presentation will serve as a guide filled with information of how to create the exact look you want without spending a lot of money to achieve it. Inspiration to decorate your home from something grand and expensive can be recreated if you are armed with the proper knowledge and tools

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  • Presentation Skills

    , informal group discussions, wedding speeches, motivational speeches, political addresses, addressing a meeting or even debates, and all are considered as forms of public speaking. For a presentation to be successful, step-by-step preparation, method of delivery and means of presenting the information is premium. Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across and, today, presentation skills are required in almost every field. Whether you are a

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  • Presentation

    10 Quick Tips for Effective Presentations 1. Talk naturally to your audience – although it may be appropriate to read short passages avoid reading from a script for the majority of your presentation. 2. Stand, rather than sit, and move around a little – but avoid pacing backwards and forwards like a trapped animal. 3. Vary the tone, pitch and volume of your voice to add emphasis and maintain the audience’s interest. Aim to speak loudly and clearly while facing your audience. Avoid

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  • Presentation

    the use of digital signatures embedded in PDF as defined in the PDF Reference Manual. Because PDF digital signatures include a visual appearance, the appearance must conform to all the requirements of PDF/A-1 including font embedding and use of device independent color. Not all commercial digital signature tools follow these requirements. What organizations intend to accept PDF/A files? Many organizations worldwide are evaluating the advantages of using PDF/A and will provide guidance

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  • Presentation

    Technological Technology, perhaps, has the potential to disrupt the functioning of any industry and it can wipe out even the largest firms if they become complacent or strive for only short-term goals. Technological environment is the most rapidly changing environment. Things of science fiction are becoming realities and it can be seen from the lens of emerging technologies which might be even seen in automobiles on road by 2020. Technology has made possible the advances in auto safety

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  • Presentation

    ASSIGNMENT: IN-CLASS GROUP PRESENATION (100 points, 5% of course grade) Groups of up to four students present sections of the textbook in class. Working as a group, select a date and topic to present, using the sign-up sheet provided by your TA. Group members must be enrolled in the same discussion section. Requirements: • Maximum of four students per group. • Maximum of five minutes allowed to complete the presentation. • Each member of the group must speak an

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  • Group Presentation

    Adonis Nix Candice Mitchell Renesha Randolph Singapore Airlines HISTORY Singapore Airlines’ history can be traced back to 1 May 1947, when a Malayan Airways Limited Airspeed Consul took off from Singapore Kallang Airport on the first of three scheduled flights a week to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang. • Over the next five years, larger capacity DC-3 aircraft were introduced. This meant faster and more comfortable flights, and the extension of services to destinations in Indonesia

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  • Presentation

    uterus at birth • # fencing Offering one's blade for engagement by the opponent On average, bullet-point slides yield a 15-20% recall of information after just five minutes. Yet most presentations are given in the same, ineffectual, way. It is possible to use PowerPoint to communicate effectively, but only by using the tool in a more considered way. Effective presentations are about clear communication. To present well, we need to understand when and why to use visual aids, what

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  • Presentation Project

    Bus 327 Presentation Project This time of the year, many company leaders are focused on long-range planning. This initiative looks at a planning cycle of 18-36 months and includes a clear expectation of where the company needs to be and where they are now. Objective: You have determined that over the next 12-15 months, a reduction in expenses will be required to effectively manage your household. Step 1. Evaluate the current financial position of your household budget and develop a strategy

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  • Presentation

    lost. They faced social racialization, in a time where the American economy had begun to falter a bit, in which tension was created, causing many of the Americans who just did not understand the entirety of their situations to again ostracize an ethnic group. This lead to the religious racialization of many of the “boat people”, as many originally came over with different faiths. These faiths such as Buddhism were coupled with the refugees by Middle America and therefor deemed immoral in itself

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  • Gospel Presentation

    the Old testament as truth and I should start with trying to embark on common ground. The written Torah that Jews reads are actually the first 5 books of the Bible. This is a great way to relate and attempt to break down the walls. Using common ground is one way, another would be to relate the Jewish and Christian moral compass to him. Drew relates the moral compass of Christians to the history that has been documented and not to what the scripture writes. In order to do this, I would need

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  • Presentation

    . After an initially awkward reunion, Gatsby and Daisy reestablish their connection. They begin an affair and, after a short time, Tom grows increasingly suspicious of his wife's relationship with Gatsby. At a luncheon at the Buchanans' house, Daisy speaks to Gatsby with such undisguised intimacy that Tom realizes she is in love with Gatsby. Though Tom is himself involved in an extramarital affair, he is outraged by his wife's infidelity. He forces the group to drive into New York City and

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  • Presentation

    • 25.8% obese • 4.7% severely obese, but Metabical will also be directed to Healthcare providers so they know the benefits and advantages of this drug also because Metabical is a prescription drug unlike its competitor Alli which is an over the counter drug. All other alternatives for Metabical either have negative side effects or are not regulated by FDA. Metabical is the only FDA approved drug which can reduce weight in overweight people. In order for the drug to be able to show positive

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  • Presentation

    . Apart from formal banking institutions the role of the self-help group movement and micro-finance institutions (MFIs) is important to improve financial inclusion. However, some regulatory procedures for MFIs may have to be evolved in consultations with MFIs, consumers and the government. Political interference in the financial system should be avoided in order to maintain the viability of the formal financial institutions. The risk elements of small and marginal farmers and other vulnerable groups

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  • Presentation

    CN301- Community Health Teaching Care Plan Guidline Student's Name: Nicole Carter Placement Agency: Methadone Clinic Assessment(identify a need for the client(s) or population you are working with, growth and development, characteristics, etc.). The individuals at the Methadone clinic are between ages 18-60. This age group is considered to be young and middle adulthood. Kozier &Erb(2010). Through my clinical experience and observations I did identify that mothers of all ages

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  • Hr Presentation

    feedback matters by listening and giving positive feedback. You don't know it all, no one does. Be open to new ideas and suggestions, and give credit where credit is due. Team Performance is a key element in every business. Business teams are a group of employees working together on a given task for the betterment of a company. According to (2007) “ Frequently we find ourselves in situations which necessitate a special team or task force to address an issue, or an

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  • Carbohydrate Presentation

    guidelines for specific examples. You are required to format all your references according to APA guidelines. I would also recommend using the reference generator found in your Center for Writing Excellence.(-4 points) |   |   | The presentation is laid out with effective use of headings, font styles, and white space. | |   |   | Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed. | | |   | Spelling is correct. | |   |   | Late assignments = -10% per day | |   |   | Total

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  • Presentation

    separate types of networks: phone networks for transmitting voice, computer networks for transmitting data, and broadcast networks for transmitting video — but advances in digitization allowed these forms of communication to be translated into binary computer language. This, in turn, made it possible to transmit voice, data, and video over one network in a more efficient and economical manner than using three disparate networks. As a result, phone companies were beginning to transform their archaic

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