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    Human Resource

    n the memos in the v gn€tte and lhese reports wri lac lrtate efliclent afd eflective manageria dec s on mak ng WhiLe an HR 5 canfol make the ludgement ca ls in terms ol whom lo recru I or promote, it can cerlarnLy lacrl lale better inputt fg integratiof afd use ol employee data, wh ch wil reduce the admrn strat ve blrrden oI keeping detailed records and should aid and enhance dec srons about stclegic d rections Need for an HRIS in Decision Situations ll you read the above memos again

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    La Singularidad

    NOTE: This PDF document has a handy set of “bookmarks” for it, which are accessible by pressing the Bookmarks tab on the left side of this window. ***************************************************** We are the last. The last generation to be unaugmented. The last generation to be intellectually alone. The last generation to be limited by our bodies. We are the first. The first generation to be augmented. The first generation to be intellectually together. The first generation to be limited

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