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    Desktop vs Laptop

    was used. The students were randomly assigned to either a laptop or a desktop computer to write two TOEFL iBT practice essays in a simulated testing environment, followed by a survey of computer experience. The survey results suggested that the participants had extensive experience using computers, had more experience with laptops than with desktops, and preferred using the laptop computers to the desktop computers. The computer type (laptop or desktop computer) was found to have a negligible effect

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    Outline and Objectives Marketing Management is a core subject in the business program, and it has been designed for those students majoring in Marketing, as well as those taking this course as their formal, academic venture into this discipline. Participants in the program would be expected to recognize that marketing is a total system of business action and should be seen as the key element in the running of any business. This course could enable students to better appreciate the role of marketing

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    Effects of Being a Student with Extra Curricular Activities

    of the regular curriculum. There was a research article in Korea made by Wi-Young So (2012). His article was about the association between physical activity and academic performance of Korean adolescent students. Surveys were given to the students to observe if physical activities are correlated with the student’s academic performance. He found out that vigorous physical activity is positively correlated with the academic performance in the case of boys. However, strengthening exercises were not

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    Beta Blockers After Myocardial Infarction

    ("CDC national heart," 2010). * The clinical scenario patient was at high MI risk being male, over 65, diabetic and obese. Article Critiques * The following primary article critiques were based on the CONSORT statement (2010). Primary Article One Article selection and evidence. * The article by Chen et al. (2005) was selected because it was the only

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    Surveys and Research

    whether she prefers movies over books, or vice versa. The second and third interviewee, Louise and Hans, would want to watch movies based on the good books that they have read previously. However, they both would not buy those books if they watched movies first. Adding on, they both claimed they are regular movie goers because a movie only consumes two hours whereas, finishing a book takes them a week. Charmaine on the other hand, prefer convenience and tangible material. Therefore, she prefers reading

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    Critical Thinking

    for teaching critical thinking in economics.' This is not an original criticism. In his seminal article on research in pedagogy, Fels (1969) identified critical thinking as an area ripe for teaching and exploration by economists, Fels's critique, "rarely is a concerted effort made to get students themselves to wrestle with thorny issues," is still quite relevant today (p. 8). Our purpose in this article is to introduce electronic discussion as a method of developing critical thinking skills in undergraduate

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    Mind Mapping

    1. INTRODUCTION Mind map has been defined as an expression of ''Radiant Thinking'' which is a natural function of the human mind (Tony and Barry Buzan 993). It is powerful graphic techniques which provides a universal key to unlocking the potential of the brain. The mind map can be applied to every aspect of life where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance human performance. It has four essential characteristics. They are the subjects of attention crystallized in a central image, the

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    Reasearch Paper

    by your interest and curiosity; check on different sources – reference books, card catalog, periodical indexes, and electronic sources like the internet 2. Step two – make your working bibliography Bibliography – formal list of books, articles and other sources from which the materials of your paper are drawn. Proper bibliographic forms Book by one author Padilla, Cabrina (2015) Enriching Oral Communication Skills. Quezon City: Abiva Publishing House, Inc. Book by 2-3 authors

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    [pic] [pic] INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, Semester 141, Section 01 Instructor: Dr. Jameel Qazi Office: B 24/ Room 110-1 Office Phone: 013-860-7555 Class Timings: Mondays and Wednesdays 13:10 – 14:25 Location: Building # 24, Room 178Office Hours: Mon & Wed 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (or by appointment) Web Address: Email: |Please use electronic communication, whenever possible, for the efficiency and agility of our

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    identification of friendly planes, as the pure radar signature did not answer this question. The first patents for a RFID tag used to unlock a door touch less were awarded in 1973. In the 1980s first applications for toll collection, as discussed in this article, were developed. With ongoing miniaturization ongoing and decaying prices, in particular for tags, more and more potential applications were thought out. There was a major buzz around RFID in the late 90s and early 2000s, as it was envisaged to have

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