Atrial Fibrillation And Nursing Considerations

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    Atrial Fibrillation and Nursing Considerations

    Atrial Fibrillation And Nursing Considerations As a nurse one must provide holistic care. To better understand aspect of providing holistic nursing care one must have an in-depth understanding of primary body systems and their pathology. This paper will educate the prudent nurses who read it with detailed information about the specific cardiac pathology of atrial fibrillation. Written with a basic understanding of human heart function/structure as a prerequisite, this paper will first discuss

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    Nursing Science

    individual test reviews with their seminar leader. 2. Test Make-up Policy: Refer to Test Security in Student Nurses Handbook for further information on test make-up. 3. Make-up of Final Exams: In the event that a student misses the final exam for the nursing course, the student will receive a grade of incomplete or “I” for the course. Refer to the Course Grades policy found in Student Nurses Handbook. 4. Collaborative or Group testing activity: An opportunity to add a maximum of two points to individual

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    Care Plan

    cardiomegaly, cardiac catheterization, EKG: atrial fibrillation. Lists of Medications: Amoxicillin, Docosate sodium, Labetalol HCL, Lamotrigine (lamictal). Allergies: Macrobid Code status: Full code Vital Signs: T 99.2F, oral P 80, regular B/P 186/100 SaO2 100% Weight- 160lbs. Ht. 5’5 List 3 pertinent medications given by you on your shift. List actions and indications, side effects, and nursing considerations: |Name: |Amoxicillin

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    are the nursing care considerations? 6. What is V-Tach? 7. How is it diagnosed? 8. What are the nursing care considerations associated with vtach? 9. What medications would be given and how would CPR and defibrillation be done? 10. What is ventricular fibrillation, nursing care, meds, dx, CPR, defib? 11. How do implantable cardioverter defibrillators work and what are the nursing considerations? 12. Describe premature atrial contractions. 13. Define A-fib, nursing considerations, and complications

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    Nursing Care Plan - Altered Mental Status

    * * Fundamentals of Nursing (NSG 1355) Care Plan * * * ------------------------------------------------- Admission History * -------------------------------------------------

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    Roper, Logan & Tierney

    NM1704: Applying a model of nursing roper, logan and tierney model This essay explores the preoperative care provided to one patient in a London hospital during one shift. This care was influenced by the holistic perspective to health. Arsing from the Greek for ‘whole’ this acknowledges physiological, psychological and social factors impacting the patient’s condition. (McFerran & Martin, 2008) It seeks to offer treatment inclusive of these factors rather than treating physical symptoms

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    Delegation Exercise in a Health Care Setting

    Swanson (S/P hysterectomy day 2, in pod 2) | Ana RN | Pod 2 | | Mr. Smith (GI Bleed) | | Mr. Moretz (Night sweats, neg pressure room) | | Mrs. Flanco (S/P Colectomy day 2)Mr. Reddington (GSW) | Mike LPN #2 | Pod 3 | | Mr. Smith (Atrial Fib) | | Ms. Harper (s/p breast mastectomy) | | Ms. Levin (s/p attempted suicide) | | Mrs. Walnut (aspiration pneumonia)Mrs. Stewart (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) | | | Gilda CNA | Pods 1-3 | | | Explanation The following is a detailed

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    Psychotropic Drugs - Rn Nursing

    1 NUR 201 DRUG CARD Student: ________________________ Generic Name: Bupropion hydrobromide________ Trade Name(s): Wellbutrin, Aplenzin, Zyban_ Classification: Antidepressant – atypical (heterocyclic), Aminoketone_____________________________ Administration Routes: PO _√_ SQ ___ IM ___ IV ___ Transdermal ____ Ophth_____ Action: Mechanism of action is not known; the drug does not inhibit MAO, and it only weakly blocks neuronal uptake of epinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. However, its action is

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    Complex Needs

    argued that everyone's needs are complex and as such, complex needs have been difficult to define (Rosengard et al., 2007). This essay intends to use literature to outline a systematic and holistic approach to care of a patient's complex needs. The nursing process and its framework of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation will be utilised to provide a patient centred approach (Castledine, 2011). Rankin and Regan (2004) described complex needs as being a framework rather than a label

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    Tetrology of Fallot

    Physical activity recommendations for adolescents with repaired tetralogy of Fallot: review of the literature and guidelines for practitioners Adolescents living with congenital heart defects (CHDs) are a growing population in the United States. While in the 1960s and 1970s, the risk of dying after cardiac surgery was high at 30%, over the past few decades, this risk has decreased to approximately 5%, with the majority of children born with CHD living into adulthood (American Heart Association [AHA]

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