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    Yin (2005) suggested that researchers should decide whether to do single-case or multiple-case studies and chose to keep the case holistic or have embedded sub-cases. This two-by-two combination can produce four basic designs for case studies. When selecting a case for a case study, researchers often use information-oriented sampling , as opposed to random sampling [3]. This is because an average case is often not the richest in information. Extreme or atypical cases reveal more information

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    . How humans act in a given situation or how they feel about their actions, play into how they conduct themselves in their personal and business affairs. Killing, raping, and stealing are examples of such obvious actions that most people would agree are unethical. This relates to the subjective belief of rather Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Madoff should remain in prison or out on bail because of the practicing of Ponzi schemes because it lies in the not so obvious realm of behavior. Why? There is no

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  • Bernie Madoff Research Project

    OST2335 COMM. IN THE WKFORCE - Fall 2012 ONLINE 412734 Assignment #3 (Chap 7)  TO: Debra Hart FROM: Alexandra Raffo DATE: October 30, 2011 SUBJECT: Chapter 5, Page 202, Expand Your Knowledge Question #1: What are five ways to attract more readers to your blog?   When creating a Blog, it is always important to have a target audience in mind. Your post and comments should have similar things in common, so users know what your blog is about. If your blog is messy, this can make users

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    Running head: BERNARD LA WRENCE "BERNIE" MADOFF 1 BERNARD LA WERENCE "BERNIE" MADOFF Naamah Pagan Augustine Weekley Business Law 1 August 21,2011 BERNARD LA WRENCE "BERNIE" MADOFF 2 Introduction Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Madoff ran one of the largest Ponzi Schemes. A Ponzi scheme is a scam investment designed to separate investors from their money. It is named after Charles Ponzi, who constructed one such scheme at the beginning of the 20th century. The scheme is designed to

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    “If It Quacks Like a Duck” Assignment 2 – Bernard Lawrence “Bernie” Madoff Business Law I March 4, 2011 Bernard Madoff Abstract Unethical behavior…sounds bad doesn’t it? But what employee can truly say that he is completely innocent of any unethical behavior in the workplace? Some of the most common unethical business behaviors are fudging work hours, making phone calls on business lines and photo copying of personal paperwork. Simple acts such as these are highly unlikely to have

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  • Madoff Who is Bernie Madoff? Bernard L. Madoff, who is currently serving a 150-year sentence in federal prison, orchestrated a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme that swindled money from thousands of investors. Unlike the promoters of many Ponzi schemes, Madoff did not promise spectacular short-term investment returns. Instead, his investors’ phony account statements showed moderate, but consistently positive returns — even during turbulent market conditions

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    create some other shortcuts in order to get more, even though they have to betray other people’s trust. These people don’t measure the consequences of their acts and most of the times they end up on jail, empty- handed. This was the case of the famous Bernard Madoff, the most famous person in the US, for having created a $50 billion dollars shortcut. The next pages are dedicated to explain how this guy decided to change his life and what consequences it brought to him.

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  • Bernie Madoff Downfall

    Bernie Madoff has become known to many people as the man that perpetrated by far the largest scam in the history. His reputation of a successful investor, financial genius, and a chairman of NASDAQ took a turn for the worst when his so called split strike conversion strategy turned out to be nothing but a huge ponzi scheme affecting thousands of investors from around the globe. Although many financial advisors questioned his strategy and argued that it is virtually impossible to achieve, he

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    Bernie Madoff Andrea L. Nolt Strayer University Intro to Business Professor Karina Arzumanova August 21, 2011 Bernie Madoff Bernard Lawrence “Bernie Madoff” is an American former stock broker, investment adviser, non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market, and the admitted operator of what has been described as the largest Ponzi scheme in history. (Bernard Madoff, 2011) This paper discusses the massive Ponzi scheme that Mr. Madoff created and those that were affected by it

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  • Secrets, Lies and Bernie Madoff

    apparently killed himself just a few days after learning that the $1.4 billion invested with Madoff was gone. Another burning question that is asked so often after something happens is – Didn’t anyone see this coming? In the case of Bernie Madoff - the answer is a loud and astounding YES! The SEC received complaints at least 6 -8 times, performed 3 exams and 2 investigations between June 1992 and December 2008. Obviously the investigations were not very thorough and didn’t

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    The Madoff Scandal: 50 billion questions and few answers Table of Contents Abstract …………………………………………………………………………………3 Description of Events …………………………………………………………………..4 Analysis of Scenario ……………………………………………………………………4 Questions about Madoff ………………………………………………………………..5 Solutions and Alternatives ……………………………………………………………..7 Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………………...8 References ………………………………………………………………………………10 Abstract Bernie Madoff ran the biggest in the history of the world. The

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    Case Study Shawn Padgett Kaplan University Case Study The statute referred to in the case of Texas vs. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989) is 42.09 (a) (3) in the Texas Penal Code. This statute, 42.09 (a) (3), created by the executive branch, prohibits the desecration of a venerable object”, (a) a person commits an offense if he knowingly or intentionally desecrates; (3) a state or national flag. To desecrate a venerable object is to destroy, deface, or physically mistreat in a way that the

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  • Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Madoff

    Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Madoff 1. Describe three types of illegal business behavior alleged against Mr. Madoff and for each type of behavior, explain how the behavior is illegal or unethical in the conduct of business. In March 2009, Madoff pleaded responsible to 11 federal crimes and confessed to turning his wealth management business into a massive Ponzi scheme that cheated thousands of investors of billions of dollars. Madoff said he started the Ponzi plan in the early 1990s. However

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  • Business Ethics Case: Bernard Madoff

    proceedings, and on June 29, 2009, Bernard Madoff, former chairman of the NASDAQ stock exchange, was sentenced to the maximum penalty of 150 years. This paper will seek to analyze this case in its multiple dimensions in order to identify all ethical issues and propose potential alternatives to the moral choices that Bernard Madoff made. Facts Bernard Lawrence Madoff was born April 29, 1938. He grew up in a small Jewish community in Queens, New York. At age 22, in 1960, he founded his own wealth

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    20102004 Thi Ngoc Thuy Do When conflicts of interest between the corporations in Vietnam occur... Conflicts, disagreements between the corporations in Vietnam for two years recently happens a lot and became a frequent topic of the press. Most recent bitter controversy, which lasted between EVN and the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), the Military Telecom Corporation (Viettel) was about rental rates poles. The EVN insisted increased rents columns (VNPT and

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  • Bernie Madoff and the Sec

    Bernie Madoff and The SEC Bernie Madoff is the face of multi-billion dollar Ponzi schemes that swindled money from investors. Madoff was a prominent member of the securities industry throughout his long career. He once served as a vice chairman of NASD, a member of its board of governors, and a chairman of its New York region. Also, he was a member of the NASDAQ Stock Market board of governors and its executive committee and served as a chairman of the trading committee. His own investment

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    Structural theory, Evaluative theory and Case study. You have done an excellent job in terms of structuring your paper. It had a very clear logical progression from introduction through to conclusion. You even managed to write exactly 2,200 words! If you were under the word limit you could have done some critical appraisal of evidence from the sources. Thank you for your hard work and best wishes for the exam. A case study conducted of the United Nations International School of Melbourne posed

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    Case Study: Transmission Media This case study of the fictitious company, Superior Views Industrial, was created to illustrate what a network professional may need to consider improving connectivity among geographically dispersed locations. The home office of the company is in Portland, and branch offices are located in Pittsburgh, Princeton, Nashville, and New Orleans. Superior Views Industrial is typical of any company that may have grown through merger or acquisition and needs to improve

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    Introduction Operated through a complex, cryptic structure Bernie Madoff, CEO of Bernie L. Madoff Investment Securities (BMIS), perpetuated the most embellished Ponzi scheme the world has ever seen. The basis of the securities fraud that took place approximately between 1991 – 2008 was influenced by Bernie Madoff’s reliance upon an unqualified staff, outdated software, organizational seclusion, a personal halo effect, and weaknesses in the regulating body. Madoff had the confidence of the

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    Case Study: Bernie Madoff Eric Ranzinger Organizational Behavior – OL 500 Jascia Redwine Abstract Bernie Madoff was one of the top dogs on Wall Street for over 20 years. He managed tens of billions of dollars in client’s funds. His firm was one of the most consistent with profitable returns. When most others were reporting losses during the recession, his firm was consistently reporting net gains. Many celebrities even entrusted their money with Madoff because he was such a reputable

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    Diyonka Massey Magan Calhoun AIS 3710 22 February 2013 Bernie Madoff Case Study Throughout history, people have done unethical things dealing with money. In 2008, the man known for running a massive Ponzi scheme, known as Bernie Madoff, was arrested and charged with criminal securities fraud, and sentenced for a hundred and fifty years in prison. Bernie Madoff continued his scheme for thirty years because his company was the largest market maker on NASDAQ. He had an impressive rate of

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    Select a case study from the University of Phoenix Material: Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies located on the student website. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing the influence the experiences have made on the person’s development. Address the following in your paper: Discuss the family, social, and intimate relationships of the person in the case study. Identify any role changes that have occurred. Explain the immediate and future effect of healthy or unhealthy habits

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    Case Study | Quantum Telecom Questions 1. How do we eliminate politics from gate review meetings? Gate review meetings are a form of project close. Gate review meeting could result in the closure of a life-cycle or the closure of the entire project. At each gate, the continuation of the process is decided by the project manager or a steering committee. The decision is based on the information available at the time, including the business case, risk analysis, and availability of necessary

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    after Madoff was sentenced, “As is typical for the SEC, too many of the staff lawyers lack any financial industry experience or training in how to conduct investigations. In my experience, once a case is turned into the SEC, the SEC claims ownership of it and will no longer involve the investigator” [16]. Obviously, seeing as the fraud was unnoticed for so long, the SEC or even new regulators need not only more staff, but also more specialized staff to handle future unique situations of the

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    numbers" for revenue growth and earnings that Wall Street was expecting" (Masters, 2005, para. 2). I have to agree with the defense in the case when they argue for Bernie's innocence in knowing about the scheme. I don't agree that Sullivan told Bernie about what was going on. I do, however, agree that Bernie needed to be held accountable for everyone that was affected by his organization's wrongdoing.  In my opinion, Bernie was not the most business-savvy individual. Bernie may have paid attention

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  • Madoff Ethics Case Study

    Executive Summary Overview Since the ascent of money, different techniques have been developed and carried out to fool people of their assets. These methods have evolved together with advances in technology, and some have proved to be more efficient than other. This case study is chronology of the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Bernie Madoff began his brokerage firm in 1960 and grew it into one of the largest on Wall Street, New York, USA .While doing so; he began investing money as a

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    Case Study 3 Katie Donahoe MGMT591 Leadership & Organizational Behavior Robert Salitore January 24, 2014 Part I: Group Development In my opinion, the Woodson Foundation, the schools and the NCPIE have not formed groups yet. In the first stage of group development, the forming stage, the members are still unsure of the structure, leadership and purpose of the group. According to the case study, the groups still have not been formed although there are

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    The Madoff investment scandal broke in December 2008, when former NASDAQ Chairman Bernard Madoff admitted that the wealth management arm of his business was an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Madoff founded the Wall Street firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC in 1960, and was its Chairman until his arrest.[1][2][3] At his firm he employed his brother Peter as Senior Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer (Peter has since been sentenced to 10 years in prison), Peter's daughter

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  • The Fraud of the Century: the Case of Bernard Madoff

    The Fraud of the Century: The Case of Bernard Madoff 1. What are the ethical issues involved in the Madoff case? Not only is what Bernard Madoff did highly unethical but for his company to be able to pass the tax audition imposed question on the SEC internal system a farce. I guess Madoff bribed the auditors. I guess the saying money talks holds true for some. How people could morally falsify documents for money is just beyond comprehensible. To even take advantage of an innocent person is

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    Case Assignment 1 1. Build the management-research question hierarchy. The management –research question occurs during stage 1 of the research process. The approach for this stage of the research process is to state the dilemma that prompts the research and then develop other questions by progressively breaking down the original question into more specific one (Cooper & Schindler, 2014, p. 77). Our case highlights a multistage communication study undertaken by the research

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    mind as long as the returns remained strong, accepting that to ask Bernie to reveal his strategy would be as crass as demanding to see Coca-Cola's magic formula. Mr Madoff reinforced the message by occasionally ejecting a client who asked awkward questions. The trading business was hardly pristine either. It had been probed for front-running (trading for its own account before filling client orders) and separately found guilty of technical violations. Some clients reportedly suspected that Mr

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    Bernie Madoff & the Worst Pyramid Scheme in U.S. History It is said that we are the product of our upbringing, so it probably would not surprise you to learn that the biggest and worst financial fraud committed through a pyramid scheme in US History, was achieved by a man who was raised by parents that also commit financial frauds. Bernie Madoff was raised watching his parents Ralph and Sylvia Madoff run a business that was not successful in the financial trading world. That company

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    12/5/2014 Kingfisher School of Business and Finance At the end of the session, each participant will: • Be familiar with the general steps in going through the case study method • Learn useful tools, techniques, watch outs, and tips on each of these steps MGT 11: PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION MS. MAYBELLE ANN S. LOPEZ 2 ND SEMESTER 2014-2015 • Be able to practice these steps on a simple case MGT11: Principles of Management and Organization M.A. Lopez A CASE is a

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    Author’s Viewpoint In the case study about the Bernie Madoff scandal, the author makes the point that the motivation to succeed in business can present a conflict with the fiduciary duty that a business person has to the client. There is question whether Madoff was motivated solely by greed, in which case he was engaged in a simple Ponzi scheme, or whether he used the Ponzi scheme to hide his failure to generate returns for his clients. Madoff’s lack of transparency violated the trust of his

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    The Case Study PSYC 210: Developmental Psychology Spring D 2015 Antonio Robinson L270221508 APA   In the case study presented, a situation was highlighted in which a child’s impulsivity caused a deadly outcome to occur. Observance of behavioral experiments and theories, over the years, has given the understanding that a child’s behavior is influenced by what they see, hear, and are taught from other children and adults. As brain functioning develops, children learn how to process

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  • Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme

    Abstract Bernie Madoff’s investment business began as a side business that he started to manage investments for family and friends. Through word of mouth, he began attraction outside investors and Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities was formed. However, a few people were not fooled and saw the danger behind the facade. A few people heeded the warning sign that were evident all around Madoff. They filed reports with the SEC on several occasions but they were too inexperienced to look

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    Nutrition Case study CS #4 Young Adult Case Study Kylie is a 22-year-old female who is in her senior year of college. She tearfully discloses in confidence to you, a nursing student and her best friend, that she has had some concerns about her weight for much of her adolescent and young adult life. She has just gotten engaged to Michael, they are excitedly planning their wedding, and Michael says he “Can’t wait to have children!” Because she had dreams of becoming a professional ballet

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    of case studies in the textbook or in equivalent textbooks. You may not use Yahoo! as one of the case studies and short articles in newspapers, magazines, website opinion pages and the like are definitely not acceptable, although such materials may be used to supplement the published case study and your analysis. All sources must be properly referenced. If in any doubt about the suitability of a case study, seek an early ruling from your tutor. This is a substantial piece of scholarly work and

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    Running Head: Case Study 1 Case Study #1 Clinical Psychology: Severe Depression Princess Coles ABS 200 Introductions to Applied Behavioral Sciences Instructor Weniger 08/4/2015 Severe depression is one of the many mental illnesses that affect one out of ten Americans. Severe depression involves, extreme or constant feeling of sadness, loss of interest in activities and even relationships. Those suffering from depression might even struggle with the feeling of

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    father to federal authorities, followed by Madoff’s arrest and security fraud charges. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a complaint in federal court in Manhattan seeking an asset freeze and the appointment of a receiver for Madoff’s securities. On March 12, 2009, in the end of it all Madoff admitted to investigators of losing fifty billion dollars of his investors’ money. His case is otherwise known as the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. As well as, pleading guilty to eleven

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    International Financial Management – Case Study #2 Nodal Logistics and Custo Brasil Deadline: Monday, 11/10/2014 How to get the case Nodal Logistics and Custo Brasil by Michael Moffett Source: Thunderbird School of Global Management 11 pages. Publication Date: Nov 15, 2008. Prod. #: TB0049-PDF-ENG The easiest way is to go directly to: You will need to create an account and to use a credit or debit card to process payments. You can purchase the case in either

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  • Madoff Case

    Bernard Madoff’s ponzi scheme was the largest in the history which defrauded investors out of as much as $65 billion. David Friehling, the leading auditor of Bernard L. Madoff Investment and Securities’ (BLMIS), was sentenced for aiding Madoff with investment advisor fraud, and filing false audit reports with the SEC. Since then, people are paying more and more attention to auditors’ and accountants’ legal liability. This document will describe the ways in which BLMIS auditor disregarded his

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    Abstract This paper will include a review of the Madoff Securities case. The Madoff Securities case involved the cunning Bernard L. Madoff swindling his clients to believe that he could guarantee them high profits. Madoff is the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Madoff Securities Case Bernard L. Madoff started the investment firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities (BLMIS). Bernard Madoff began trading securities from the 1960s. From as

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    CASE STUDY REPORT FORMAT GUIDELINE Following is a suggested guideline for preparing your case study reports (remember to always use Harvard Business Style for all formatting and referencing as per the course outline): Cover Page (Include student names and student Ids) Executive Summary (If appropriate – should be written last to focus on key points/findings) Introduction Current Situation Analysis and pertinent Background including a synopsis of the relevant information from the

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    have happened before, the first of this caliber was documented in the 1920’s by its namesake, Charles Ponzi. In 2008, Bernard “Bernie” Madoff was exposed for running the largest Ponzi scheme to date, conning investors out of over $65 billion over thirty years. INTRODUCTION Bernard Madoff was responsible for the largest reported Ponzi scheme in history. How did this happen? Who else knew about it? Why did it take so long for him to be exposed? This paper will endeavor to answer all of those

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  • Bernie Sanders Tax Plan

    Tax Plan." Tax Foundation. 28 Jan. 2016. Web. 25 Mar. 2016. Diamond, Peter, and Emmanuel Baez. "The Case for a Progressive Tax: From Basic Research to Policy Recommendations." CESifo Working Papers (2011). Web. 25 Mar. 2016. Sammartini, Frank, Len Burman, Jim Nunns, Joseph Rosenberg, and Jeff Royally. "An Analysis of Senator Bernie Sander's Tax Proposals." Tax Policy Center (2016): n. pag. 4 Mar. 2016. Web. 25 Mar. 2016. Sanders, Bernie. "How Bernie Pays for His Proposals - Bernie Sanders." Bernie 2016, n.d. Web. 27 Mar. 2016

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  • Bernie Madoff Ethical Standards

    :// 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

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    Keenan Brown English 122 Mrs. Hemphill March. 16, 2016 U.S Election I think Bernie Sanders should be elected as president. He appears to be morally driven in terms of making America a great nation. He has consistently received less media coverage then Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both of whom he matches as far as the presidential polls. With the other candidates having a much greater media coverage on

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    Name AP Language and Composition 26 November 2015 Candidate, Bernie Sanders, in his presidential announcement, explains to his audience all he is willing to do as president. Sanders’ purpose is to persuade the audience to vote for him as president. He adopts a stern tone in order to appeal to the audiences needs and wants in his announcement speech. Sanders opens his speech by thanking everyone for their support. “Thank you all very much for the support that you have given me over the

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    ,” stated Markopolos (CBS). Even after proving the fraudulent activities in 2000 and writing a letter to the SEC suggesting Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme, no investigation occurred. According to Markopolos, “By 2005, the degree of certainty was approaching 100 percent.” Finally in January 2006, the SEC office in New York listened to Mark and opened a case file against Bernard Madoff, but 11 months later the case was dismissed after “no evidence of fraud” was found (CBS). Mark believes one of

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